Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Reckless Abandon by Sierra Hill

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I never should have let her go.
Or left him.
I thought it was the right thing - what was right for all of us.
I thought it was best. I thought we could move on.
I was wrong.
I thought I could stop loving her. Or forget about him.
I didn’t.
I could never stop.
Like an avalanche barreling down the mountainside at full speed with nothing in its way to halt its progress, so was my love for London and Sage.
Strong. Unrelenting. Powerful.
But with catastrophic endings.
London and Sage broke my heart first, in very different ways, but I shattered theirs. I abandoned them both when I should’ve stayed and protected them. Decimated any chance to later salvage even a fragment of our friendship.
Yet the universe is giving me a second chance.
To prove to them how unbreakable our bond really is. And to make up for lost time before my time runs out.

*NOTE: This is Book 2 of a 3-part serial. It's highly recommended that you read Book 1, Reckless Youth, first. This book does end in a cliffhanger. The conclusion of Reckless will be coming in Book 3, Reckless Hearts, soon!

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Reckless Abandon, book 2 in Sierra Hill's Reckless series is fantastic!

Catching up with these three people ten years later, we learn that all three are lost. Cam is trying to overcome his awful marriage, and regrets everything he said to Sage all those years ago. Sage is drowning without Cam. His only stable force is that of London. But, despite the fact that the love each other, it just isn't enough. He's willing to settle for life with just London, but London won't allow this to happen.

Cam needs London to help show Sage that he's loved. And luckily Cam returns to help him. 

Even as a reader, I felt the grief and guilt that they never gave into their feelings. And the love! The deep rooted love between Cam, Sage and London jumps off the page. These three people so clearly belong together and will never find happiness if they aren't all together. 

Reckless Abandon is everything I was hoping it would be. Sierra Hill's writing left me breathless and emotionally drained.  And now I am anxiously awaiting the final book in this spectacular series!!!

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