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(Watch Me) Break You (Run This Town, Book #1) by Avril Ashton

They’re in a war for control of the streets, but love will be the ultimate prize. 
Here comes trouble… 
Men. Women. Drugs. Dima Zhirkov’s favorite things. Add in the element of danger and he should be right as rain. But not today. It’s not working, hasn’t for a long time. He’s grasping at the flimsiest of straws to prove he’s indeed strong enough to run his streets. Until he sets eyes on him. In the midst of a room full of strangers, Dima is drawn to a man as cold and dangerous as he is beautiful. Captivated, Dima embarks on a ruthless campaign to get his new toy into bed.
Here comes the danger…
Xavier “X” Storm is content to pull the strings while someone else handles the day to day dealings of his gang, The Rude Boys. He’s after what Dima holds closest—the Coney Island streets. He contracts out the job of killing the Russian, except Dima isn’t that easy to kill. When he suddenly shows up in X’s path, tempting him to indulge in the dirtiest play, he finds Dima isn’t all that easy to shake, either. His cocky attitude and rough submission tempts X to go where he’d vowed to never return, and they plunge head first into an affair fueled by possessive obsession.
Run for cover 
Sex and pain Dima can handle, and X delivers the most depraved kind. Their connection is explosive, their games addictive, but Dima can end it whenever he wishes. He doesn’t see that X is breaking him down, giving Dima everything he wants and even more than he ever thought to need. By the time he realizes who X is and what he wants, Dima is raw and bullet riddled. It’s run or fight. And Dima doesn’t back down. Neither does X.
***** Warning: Includes strong BDSM elements, violence, and gun play *****

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Avril Ashton's (Watch Me) Break You is one hell of a gritty, tough and powerful story. 

It is one complicated, intense and action-packed book. Both men are bad men, caught up in some serious life threatening situations.  You'll find lies, deception, murder, and passion! And, yet, somehow Ashton find humanizes these men, leaving us felling empathy for them. I am still shocked at how well this was achieved, as it is not an easy thing to do.

It is so unusual to have two such bad men actually finding love and passion for each other. Normally, these two men would never be able to open up and risk their hearts. They also wouldn't normally be the type to forgive. X and Dima are two accomplished, well developed, and deep characters.

As Dima says in one part '"He's not cold. That's just one part of who he is...He's really warm..."'

There is some serious BDSM play and pain, including some gun play. The passionate possessiveness is amazing! The author does a stupendous job of combining these two bisexual men with a sexual openness and awareness that works so damn well. 

But most importantly, there is just something insanely hot and intense about two evil men falling so damn hard for each other. And, the BDSM aspects of their relationship fits in so well with their naturally intense and violent worlds. It is superb and gives me all the feels!

In an nut shell, Avril Ashton, I am super impressed and amazed with (Watch Me) Break You!

Love's Magic (Revolutionary Heart Book #1) by Janice Jarrell


Professor Nate Reese rushes to protect a female student and is severely injured at the hands of her assailant. Traumatized by the attack, Nate sets his feet on a no-holds-barred path of activism designed to force university officials into addressing the issue of on-campus assault. To his shock, his primary frustration comes not from the university, but from his partner, David Gardener, a veteran of 12 years as a very popular Professor of Revolutionary War History.

Terrified of losing his hard-won status at the school, David is reluctant to support Nate's militant efforts, while Nate, feeling abandoned by his partner, sees David's aversion to his activism as indifference to the trauma he suffered. Day by day they watch as their relationship disintegrates, while still struggling to resolve the disruptive issues engulfing the school they love.

At the same time Irishman Colin Campbell, handsome and charismatic Sergeant for the campus police force, fights his own on-going war against campus assault. But behind his obsessive desire to gain justice for victims lies a devastating secret which could forever destroy his fiercely independent facade and expose his deepest fear. Ultimately, it is Colin’s powerful connection to a quiet, dark-eyed Title IX consultant which threatens to tear down his defenses and shatter the barriers protecting his heart.

Colin was the bolt of lightning that ignited Joshua Abram’s heart. Cocky and irresistible, the dynamic police officer was everything Joshua had ever longed for in a man, and despite Colin’s insistence that he didn’t ‘do relationships’ Joshua couldn’t help but fall hopelessly in love. He knew his attraction to Colin could only end in heartbreak. His quiet, introverted nature could never hope to snare the vibrant, freedom-loving Irishman, so despite the undeniable and heated passion between them, he forces himself to back slowly away.

When disagreements over an oddly disturbing case causes Colin’s hot Irish temper to erupt, their relationship is irrevocably shattered. Heartbroken, and convinced that Colin never wants to see him again, Joshua flees Charlottesville without a word, leaving Colin adrift and inconsolable.

Finally forced to admit that he desperately needs Joshua by his side, Colin must now face the dark and long-suppressed memories which are irrevocably linked to his love for the handsome, Jewish consultant. Without even a forwarding address to guide him, he vows to find Joshua and beg his forgiveness. Colin’s struggle to conquer his pride and fear in order to find the love of his life and achieve their happily ever after will touch your heart.

Four lives in turmoil fighting for the relationships they cherish, and at the heart of the struggle, a great university struggles to survive its most harrowing challenge.

Please Note: This book contains adult language & steamy adult activities, it is intended for 18+ Adults Only.

My Rating  - 5 Stars!

Love's Magic by Janice Jarrell is a romance that interweaves beautiful love stories.

Nate and David have been a happy and content couple for a while. After Nate is the victim of an attack, things start to unravel. David is scared over what to do, but his hesitancy is putting cracks in their relationship. He needs to overcome his past issues if they are going to save their relationship.

The attack also sparks an attraction between Colin and Josh. Colin is hunky, larger than life, but has his heart locked and unwilling to open himself to love. Josh is the quiet guy, with a big heart, who hides his true self from his family, as trust is tough for him. As they spend more time together, Colin finds himself at war with opening his heart versus remaining closed off. Both are in fear of getting too close, knowing it will lead to heartache.

This story is already fast paced, but adding in 4 different men and their viewpoints, makes things fly. I found it to be a lot of fun, with great character development and a fun plot. The different romances are interwoven perfectly, which is remarkable and shows great talent by the author.

Deep down, the main theme is the fear of revealing who you are, and the fear that you won't be accepted. All four men have secrets and/or past issues that prevent them from opening up about them. We always see people react in ways that we don't understand, and this story perfectly illustrates that there are reasons for the way people act.

It also digs deep and focuses on the serious problem of rape and attacks on college campuses, including the political aspect involved in prosecuting the attackers.

In Love's Magic Janice Jarrell does a great job of reminding us to never give up hope, as well as how magical love can be. This story is heartbreaking as well as heartwarming. It is definitely worth a read!

RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW - A Dance For You by Colette Davison

Title: A Dance For You
Author: Colette Davison
Cover Artist: Colette Davison
Publisher: Self Published
Genre(s): MM, Contemporary Gay Romance
Length: Approx. 64,000 Words

Warning: Contains explicit language and sex scenes including mild and consensual BDSM


New job, new city: Mason hopes both will lead to him escaping burnout as a ballet dancer. Not living out of a suitcase anymore is a bonus. His new life gets off to a steamy start when he encounters his new neighbour, David. Things soon become complicated when Mason turns up for his first day at BalletEast, to discover that David is not only his choreographer but the man who inspired him to take up dancing in the first place.

With two divorces and a string of failed relationships behind him, David has no intention of promising ‘forever’ to anyone. But when he meets Mason, he falls hard and fast for the enigmatic young dancer. As David becomes more serious about Mason, he wants to open his lover’s eyes to the kinks that he enjoys.

Whilst the two men are navigating the early stages of their romance, Mason is facing immense pressures in the rehearsal studios that threaten to dampen his natural enthusiasm for life. Will David’s love and support be enough to help Mason continue to hold his head high and dance like he’s never danced before?

My Rating -  5 Stars!

As Mason is moving into his new place, he meets his neighbor, David who offers to help him. Mason is instantly intrigued by the much older David. As both men are lonely, they spend some time together, hook up for the night and agree to be neighbors with benefits.

Unfortunately, the next morning they discover that they are going to be working together. Of course, they just can't stop seeing each other and eventually feelings start to get involved. I love this slow burn aspect of their relationship, and the way they openly declare that they love doing the mundane things together, as well as having sex. 

I truly liked both men from the beginning.  Mason, who's open and self confident, is full of creativity, making him a natural leader. David is successful in his field and sees something special in Mason, which is a lot of fun. Their mutual passion for dance is special and connects them so well.

This story contains some fun scenes, as David likes to be in control in the bedroom. There is a slow introduction to the BDSM lifestyle that David requires, as he can only contain his needs for so long. I feel like the buildup to this was perfectly done. David is all about talking and trusting and excels at making sure they communicate about everything, making him a great Dom, as well as a great dance choreographer. 

It also contains a jealous co-worker, some doubts, and some homophobic abuse. They also have to deal with their age difference, and the fact that they work together as well as sleep together.

Be warned though that this is a HFN story, as they only can't commit to loving each other now, neither promising the future. It still is a wonderful, feel good story though, as both men are happy to take things one day at a time and put the effort in to the present. 

A Dance For You is well written, well developed and contains the perfect amount of angst and BDSM. I definitely enjoyed this book by Colette Davison.

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About The Author

Colette’s personal love story began at university, where she met her future husband. An evening of flirting, in the shadow of Lancaster castle, eventually led to a fairy tale wedding. She’s enjoying her own ‘happy ever after’ in the north of England with her husband, two beautiful children and her writing.

Follow Colette at:

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Safe Word by Alice Shaw

Goodreads Link


There's no safe word for love...“6’2”, 200 pounds of muscle. Can you handle the beast? Omegas: call me daddy.”
-Leo’s Grindr Profile

Hayden Williams is looking for a better life. After a tragic accident takes his father away from him, his family starts to spiral out of control. Hayden never felt comfortable in his own skin. He is a closeted bisexual, and most of the people around him can't seem to let that go. He's tried everything to find someone he can relate to, but he's starting to believe that fluid people like himself don't deserve to be loved.

When Hayden sends a few pictures to a mysterious daddy alpha online, he realizes he’s found who he’s been looking for: someone dangerous. Now, he can no longer hold back. He's coming out of the closet, no holds barred.

"Leather, leashes, handcuffs, and chains... Give me them all."

Leo Kennedy used to be the king of the leather scene. Now, he’s a f*cking legend. Love was never his thing, but when Hayden messages him with a set of provocative pictures, he crushes hard.

It was supposed to be one date, but Leo wants more. There is only one safeword, but multiple levels of pleasure are available to them. If Hayden can't play by the rules of his dark game, will he get another chance at love?

Safe Word is a full-length first time gay romance novel with a dash of mpreg. It is a 50,000 word omegaverse book. This novel contains hot and sexy leather action & some BDSM scenes, passionate angst & desire, and a HEA - beautiful baby to keep you smiling for days. This mpreg romance is meant for 18+ readers. 

My Rating - 4 Stars

Safe Word, by Alice Shaw, is another fun mpreg story, this time including some hot BDSM.

Leo and Hayden are both men who are suffering and holding themselves back from truly living. Leo, a Dom who's being stalked by his crazy ex, can't seem to move on from his past relationship problems now that his heart can't trust anyone. Hayden, who's mother is driving him crazy, is in need to being controlled. He spends all his time having to be in charge, and is searching for exactly what he finds with Leo; a way to let go.

My favorite part is when Leo has to come to terms with what happened between him and his ex. This part is just so real and touching. Once the ex gets involved, things get very interesting.

This story contains some great BDSM scenes, and even more impressive, the reasons for why BDSM works so well for these guys. One of the most important thing for these men is learning to trust. Both men will gain so much if they can truly trust one another. 

Watching these two men find their way together, learning to trust and love, is an emotional, fun, and sweet journey. I would recommend Safe Word to any fan of BDSM romances.

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COVER REVEAL - Loving A Warrior by Melanie Hansen

Pre-Order Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Carina

Length: 77,300 words approx.

Publisher: Carina Press


BUD/S: six months of the most intense training there is. It’s survival of the toughest, and Matt Knytych is determined to come out the other side a navy SEAL.

Distraction is life or death. And just the sight of former marine Shane Hovland is enough to shake Matt’s concentration.

Shane came to BUD/S training ready to prove himself—again. Semper Fi is forever, but he needs a new start. Not this dangerous heat with a man he barely knows.

Everything they’ve ever wanted is riding on a thin, punishing line. And they’ll have to fight for more than just each other if they want to make it through intact.

After all, the only easy day was yesterday.

Author Bio

Melanie Hansen has spent time in Texas and Florida prisons…for work. She’s been in a room with a 17-year-old mass murderer who was also one of the most soft-spoken and polite teenagers she’s ever met. After a 13-year career as a court reporter, she can tell many stories both hilarious and heartbreaking.

She grew up with an Air Force dad, and ended up marrying a Navy man. After living and working all over the country, she hopes to bring these rich and varied life experiences to her stories about people finding love amidst real-life struggles.

Melanie left the stressful world of the courtroom behind and now enjoys a rewarding career transcribing for a deaf student. She currently lives in Arizona with her husband and two sons.

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RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW - Finding My Way Home (Doyle Global Securities #2) by Kendel Duncan


Book Title: Finding My Way Home – Doyle Global Securities #2
Author: Kendel Duncan 
Publisher: Dare Publishing & Design
Cover Artist: Dara Nelson & Dan Skinner
Release Date: July 25, 2018
Genre/s: Gay Romance, MM
Length: 53 000 words/230 pages

It is the second book in the series but can be read as a standalone.

Buy Links - Available on Kindle Unlimited


“Have you ever been so lost that you couldn’t remember what home looked like, what it felt like?

So lost that home was a distant memory – a place that you never had hope of finding it again?

That’s how I felt, how I’d felt for years, for longer than I could remember.

Until I found you, Bas.

I just wish I could tell you that….

I’m coming. I’m coming for you, Bas. And I’m going to do my best to try….for you.”


For longer than he could remember Tenley ‘Ten’ Pinkerton had been lost. Wandering this earth with no hope, no soul, no heart, no purpose. The day the love of his life, Sawyer, had been brutally murdered was the day that everything beyond the basic elements of survival - like breathing and a beating heart - had been shut down.

Until him.

Sebastian ‘Bas’ Monroe.

Fucking Bas Monroe.

Somehow the man had wormed his way past Ten’s defenses, past the armor plates surrounding his heart, past the pain. Somehow he’d gotten inside.

Ten wasn’t really sure how he felt about that.

But the day that Bas went missing?

Ten knew that he would die if he that’s what it came to in order to find Bas, in order to save him.

The question that remained:

Was he going to be saving Bas Monroe? Or was he going to be saving himself?

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Kendel Duncan has definitely penned another hit with Finding My Way Home, the second book in the Doyle Global Securities series.

It is full of suspense, amazing connections and some super steamy moments, making it heart-breaking, powerful, gripping and intense. And I loved every second of it. 

The surprising thing with this romance, is that it actually focuses on two separate relationships, wonderfully weaving different subplots. It is impressive how well all of the characters are developed, each with their own distinct personalities that just jump off the page. 

The writing style is fluid, tender and genuine. I will definitely not be able to forget this one! And if you like wit, snark, and banter, there are some hilarious moments.

The most impressive thing about this story, to me, is that I feel in love with five different men, all at once, and all for completely different reasons. Each man, so broken, so wounded, being able to open up his heart and find healing through love. And Ten, oh my goodness, Ten! His journey had me crying for everything he had been through and everything he goes through.

I absolutely was mesmerized by Finding My Way, and I can't wait to see what Kendel Duncan comes up with next.


Ten followed Morgan back out to his car. They were both completely silent for the twenty-minute drive to what looked to Ten like an abandoned warehouse complex. But when they got closer Ten could see the tell-tale signs that this was a secret government facility: the electronic laser fencing, the high-tech motion sensors.

“I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy,” Ten said quietly.

He looked over to find Morgan smiling slightly even though every other part of his body was tense, “You would be correct scarecrow.”

As he turned into a weed covered parking lot, he slowed by what looked like a large rhododendron. As he rolled his window down, Ten mumbled, “Tin man.”

“What?” Morgan said as he looked back at Ten.

“I would be the Tin man in that scenario. No heart, remember?”

“Oh,” Morgan said as he leaned out to move a large branch to the side revealing an electronic keypad with a fingerprint scanner below it, “You’re full of shit,” he mumbled as he punched in a code and pressed his thumb to the scanner. There was a barely imperceptible beep, the circle around the fingerprint turned green and then Morgan let his foot off the brake.

“That’s it?” Ten said as he looked out the windows, “All it does is beep? How do you know you’ve been given clearance?”

“Because nobody is shooting at us. And you’re still full of shit.”

“What do you mean?”

“About the shooting or the shit?” Morgan said with a smirk.

Ten rolled his eyes, “The shit, smartass.”

“You have the biggest heart of anyone I know. You just choose to have it locked down tight.”

Morgan could pretty much hear the silent huff that Ten made as he glared at him. “Stop trying to fix me, Morg. It’s not possible.”

“And yet here you are ready to do anything and everything to save Bas.”

“Because you asked me to!”

“Bullshit. That’s bullshit, and you know it.”

Ten opened his mouth to say something else but Morgan interrupted him. “Tamp it down, Pinkerton. We’re here,” he said as he put his car in park and shut it off. He turned in his seat and pinned Ten with a look that said listen very carefully, so Ten did.

“Don’t do or say anything in there unless I tell you to. Stay with me. Don’t touch anything, don’t, just don’t….”

“Don’t what?”

“Just fucking behave, okay?”

Ten smirked, “Yes, Dad. Can we go into the secret clubhouse now?”

“This is not a fucking joke, Ten. Anyone in this building could kill you between heartbeats and there wouldn’t be a damn thing that I could do to stop it. Do you hear me?”

Ten dipped his chin, the smirk long-gone from his face, “Yeah, Morg, I get it.”

“Okay, good.”

They both climbed out of the car and Ten frowned when Morgan didn’t lock it, “You’re not locking it?”

“They’re going to search it while we’re inside and when we leave so there’s really no point.”

“They can break into your car that easily?”

Morgan shook his head, “These people can do anything they fucking want to, Ten. How can I convince you of that?”

“Okay, Morg, okay. I get it. I promise, I get it,” Ten said as he walked over to Morgan and touched his tense shoulder.

Morgan took a deep breath and sighed it out, “I hope so, Ten. I really hope so,” he said and then together they began walking to the front door.

About the Author

I was born and raised in the Bay Area of Northern California but have made my home in the Pacific Northwest for the last two decades. My husband & I live on a small farm surrounded by chickens, goats, rabbits, a turkey, 5 dogs and a cat, in the shadow of stunning Mt Rainier.

With my grown children and grandchildren nearby, my life is always busy, happy and full of laughter.

I am an active Blogger, having created Love Unchained Book Reviewsout of my love for all things MM books.

Owner of Dare Press- Offering quality, affordable services for indie authors, including:

Editing, Publishing, Book Cover Design

NY Literary Magazine Best Story Award 2017 Nominee

When I’m not on the phone with my best friend (which is at least once every day) – I am an avid, addicted reader. It is my passion, my escape, my joy.

And I am most definitely a writer. The characters in my head are constantly demanding that their story be told.

But above all that - I am a human being. My passion for people is unparalleled, my firm belief in Love is Love unwavering, my hope that all can be accepted, undying. I do not write because I want to, I do it because I haveto. I write because these voices, these beautiful men, have chosen me to tell their stories – and how damn lucky am I for that?

As an author, I write under both my name and a pen name, with total transparency and honesty:

Dara Nelson

Author of the wildly popular ‘Healing Hearts’ series (Love in the Aftermath, Love After Chaos, Love Worth Fighting For – and more to come soon)

“5 stars 5 stars Amazing!!”

“Highly recommended”

“This is not your average romance story. It is so much more. A book that touched my heart.”

“OMG!!! This was probably one of the best books I've ever read.”

“This is the first time I've read anything from Dara Nelson, but it won't be the last. I need more of her writing!”

Under the pen name Kendel Duncan:

Author of the popular & critically acclaimed ‘Black Ops Heroes’ series and the new top-selling ‘Doyle Global Securities’ series

“I can't recommend Kendel Duncan or Black Ops Heroes ENOUGH!!!! OMG, everyone who likes strong vulnerable men will love these stories!!!”


“I love how you keep the story going and keep all the characters interesting. Can't wait for the next book!”

“The emotions are so raw and just I don't have the right words to express how amazing the books are. You have to read them to understand. I can't wait for the next installment!!”

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The Boyfriend Game by Stella Starling

Amazon Link
Goodreads Link


Fake boyfriends for a week? Yes, please.
Carter Olson never expected he’d get a chance to date his older brother’s best friend, Rip Taylor.
Wished for it? Yes.
Fantasized about it? Possibly too much.
But ever thought it would actually happen? Not in a million years, since Rip is straight. But even if it’s just to try and win a gay game show, having Rip for a boyfriend—even a temporary/pretend one—is still the best thing to happen to Carter in... well, ever.
Especially because Rip’s so good at it.
Amazingly good, actually.
So good that Carter starts to hope that maybe it won’t have to end once the show’s over…
If there are two things Rip Taylor lives for, they’re having fun and being there for his friends, so a trip to Vegas to help surprise his best friend’s girlfriend with a big, flashy proposal sounds awesome. And even more fun? His bestie's plan to try and win some prize money for the wedding by signing the two of them up as contestants on The Boyfriend Game.
The game show is sponsored by the gay dating app bLoved, and Rip is all in. He may be straight, but he's never been narrow, and when circumstances (a.k.a. a best friend who can't hold his tequila) mean that little Carter Olson gets roped into being Rip's fake boyfriend instead, that’s almost better… because who wouldn’t be able to be a convincing boyfriend to Carter?
After all, Carter’s hella sweet.
Kind of adorable, actually.
And really, really easy to get into character with…
Winning The Boyfriend Game? Rip and Carter have it in the bag.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Oh my, The Boyfriend Game, is fantastic. Stella Starling has managed to combine so many of my favorite things - Brother's Best Friend, Fake Relationship, Reality Show.

I feel in love with Carter and Rip immediately, as they already know each other so damn well, and the banter is light, fluffy and wonderful. I love how deep their relationship already is, and that adding romance and sex is just an added bonus for them.

It is truly a wonderful fun, fast paced, romantic story that contains just the right amount of angst. And to make it even better, this book had me laughing like crazy at some parts. So perfect!

I highly recommend The Boyfriend Game! 

Brave For You (Oahu Lovers #1) by Crystal Lacy

Goodreads Link
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Less than a year after moving to Hawaii, construction foreman Nate Ellison’s wife leaves him and their infant son for another man. Months into single-fatherhood, Nate meets Andrew “An” Hoang and is slowly drawn into An’s life. Through An’s friendship, he finds himself finally enjoying his new home in paradise.

An Hoang hasn’t had a real relationship in years. With his pediatrics practice and a niece to care for on his days off, he doesn’t have the headspace for more than a simple roll in the sack. But when he meets Nate—who just happens to be the gorgeous construction worker he encountered in the lobby of his apartment building—something about Nate makes it impossible for him not to care. When Nate needs An’s help with his son, An doesn’t refuse.

What happens when Nate’s past and An’s old-fashioned parents interfere just as the two men begin to fall for each other? Will they find the means to be brave and give their love a chance to flourish?

A sweet and steamy slow burn M/M romance set in Hawaii.

This story is a HEA story with NO cliffhangers. Subsequent books in the series will feature new main characters.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Brave For You, by Crystal Lacy, is a wonderful romance that has a lot of layers and heart. 

This story centers around Pediatrician An and his neighbor Nate. 

An is a gay man who has centered his whole life around his niece Diane. He is gay, but his family refuses to acknowledge this, thus causing a lot of family friction.

Nate is a single dad, to baby Noah, after his wife left him without telling him where she was going. 

When the two meet, An is attracted to Nate, but assumes he's straight. As they start to spend a little time together, their friendship develops 

There are so many things that make this novel unique and special, including the many mentions of Vietnamese culture and the Hawaii setting. 

This book contains many things I adore in a romance, including a "single" father, slow burn friends to lovers, adorable little girl and baby. In addition there are sad aspects in the book; mother abandoning her family, homophobic parents.  

The mother issue in this story is well done, as the author fully redeems her in the end, making for a wonderful addition to the story.

The slow burn friends to lovers aspect of this story is impressively done. It is authentic, captivating and memorable. The men are a perfect fit for each other, and add so much to the other's life. 

Overall, I am happy to have discovered Crystal Lacy and recommend this debut novel of her Oahu Lovers series, Brave For You. I know I will be keeping my eye out for the next one.

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The Money Pitch (Living Legends Book #2) by Declan Rhodes

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Jack had friends from college who married men more than thirteen years older than them, but he didn't know anyone who dated their father's number one enemy.
Jack Madison is a 25-year-old graduate student working through his academic program while completing a book project on his famous father, baseball relief pitcher J.W. Madison. Charlotte, North Carolina is his home city, and also the home to the recent baseball expansion franchise the Charlotte Yellowjackets.

Mo Sadler is a 38-year-old big league relief pitcher nearing the end of his active playing career when an off-season trade brings him to Charlotte. After getting over the initial shock of being sold off to a team with little hope for making it to the postseason, Mo is pleased to be playing in close proximity to North Carolina's Outer Banks, the location of his treasured beach home.

An interview opportunity for Jack's book brings them together at Mo's Hatteras Island house and attraction blossoms into desire. There are only two big problems. Mo is Jack's father's legendary baseball enemy, and Jack abhors the celebrity spotlight. Both men know the relationship should be impossible, but the heart wants what it wants and won't give up so easily. Mo's money pitch in baseball is the slider. Faced with a relationship in the process of crumbling, he sets out to concoct a real-life money pitch to permanently win Jack's heart.

The Money Pitch is a 54,000-word gay baseball romance with steamy scenes, a happily-ever-after ending, a lucky rabbit's foot, and dancing on the sand. It is the second in the series Living Legends following A Brand New Ballgame. Multiple characters appear in both books, but it can be read as a standalone novel.

My Rating -  5 Stars!

I have been a fan of Declan Rhodes' sports romances for a while, and The Money Pitch is as great as the rest of them.

It is such a fun book, with a 13 year age gap, and Jack dating his father's rival. Such a wonderful concept.

And, as always, Declan's writing style is fast and intriguing, keeping the reader hooked until the end. The characters are compelling, irresistible and complimentary.

This story definitely has less of the romance factor than previous ones, and the chemistry isn't as pronounced in this one, but I still love it. I like both Mo and Jack a lot, and I enjoy the natural progression of their relationship. I also like the look into how growing up with a dad in the pros accepted both Jack and his mom.

I recommend The Money Pitch to anyone who likes a good sports romance.

PRE ORDER BLITZ - Nice Guys Don't Win (The Boys #2) by Micalea Smeltzer

Title: Nice Guys Don't Win Series: The Boys #2 Author: Micalea Smeltzer Genre: New Adult College Romance Release Date: May 19, 20...