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GRL 2018 SPOTLIGHT - Spencer Spears - Hunter's Heart (8 Million Hearts #4)

In my attempt to cover some of the attending authors for this year's GRL,
I am reviewing 

Hunter's Heart by Spencer Spears!


That kiss definitely didn’t mean anything. It couldn’t have... right? 

Micah: Hunter Westing is not who I’m supposed to end up with. The guy might look like a walking wet dream, but he’s got the intelligence of a doorknob and the emotional range of a toaster. Actually, that might be an insult to toasters--at least they’re not usually homophobic. If life were fair, I wouldn’t have to spend more than 20 minutes in Hunter’s company.

But if life were fair, I wouldn’t have lost my best friend and her husband in a freak accident two months ago, leaving me and Hunter as guardians of their infant daughter, Bea.

So here we are--Hunter and me, living together and raising a baby. But it’s not easy--especially not when the past I’ve been trying to outrun comes back to haunt me. The worst part? Hunter won’t stop being nice about it. The guy’s a jerk--why’s he suddenly being all kind and understanding?

And more importantly--why the hell did he kiss me last night?

“If you think I’m ever going to forget you, you’re wrong. I’ll always remember what we had. And I’ll always want you.”

Hunter: Listen--I never asked for this. I never asked for my parents to scare me into silence, making me afraid to be who I am. I never asked for my brother, the one person I was close with, to disappear on me, leaving only his daughter behind. And I definitely never asked for Micah--sweet, inexplicable Micah, who talks a mile a minute and leaves me torn between aggravation and breathlessness--to come along and turn my life upside down.

All I wanted was to make a life for myself that my parents couldn’t control. To carve out something small and quiet, if not exactly happy. But then Micah explodes into my world and God help me, I--I want him. In ways I haven’t let myself think about for years. But as I learn more about Micah’s past, I know he deserves so much more than I can give. I can’t be the person he needs, can I?

So why can’t I remember that, now that I’m holding him?

Hunter’s Heart is Book 4 in the 8 Million Hearts series. While each book can be read on its own, they're even more fun to read together. Hunter’s Heart is a 115,000 word m/m romance full of snark, sweetness, and a healthy serving of steam. Enemies-to-lovers and surprise-baby themes. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed HEA.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Hunter's Heart is a captivating and mesmerizing romance by Spencer Spears. 

When we meet Micah and Hunter, they don't like each other but are brought together to raise baby Bea after a tragedy strikes her parents. What follows is a wonderful, heart warming as the two men become friends, helping one another, and then fall in love with one another. 

Both men are broken after enduring some tragedies in their pasts. Together they can try to help one another to heal. Their story is low-angst, but contains some difficult to read parts. They face grief, depression, and more as they deal with the tragedy that sent Bea their way. They also have to deal with controlling parents and a dangerous ex-coworker. 

Two men who never hoped or dreamed of finding happiness. Both living without support. It's amazing to see how much having someone's support can help one on the path towards healing.

The road to happiness is not easy for these two, but it's a beautiful and heart warming story of them overcoming everything that's thrown their way, both the pain and obstacles.

I love Hunter's Heart! Spencer Spears manages to create multi-layered men with terrific romantic stories. If you haven't check out Spencer's books, do so now!

Spencer Spears

Spencer Spears wants to make you cry--and then make you smile so hard at an ending so happy you forget why you've got tears rolling down your cheeks. Spencer writes LGBTQ stories that are snarky, sweet, and break your heart in all the best ways, and believes that everyone deserves to have their love story told.

When not at the computer, Spencer can be found running, hugging a tree, or curled up with a good book... and probably a cocktail or two. For free books and updates, sign up for Spencer's newsletter at

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