Monday, October 29, 2018

Life In Fusion (Summit City Book 2) by Ethan Day


Aspiring author, Boone Daniels, always figured love would be as easy as he was. Fresh off a whirlwind winter-vacation romance with ski-god and would-be boyfriend, Wade Walker - Boone was certain that saying goodbye would be the hardest part.

He'd survived the unconventional way in which they came together, proven himself somewhat worthy to Wade's hometown of Summit City, and felt certain the self-imposed, six month boy-buffer would prove one thing - their fate was to be forever entwined.

Once real life settles in, Boone suffers the realization that no one ever actually said love was easy and that even after you fall, you can still break. As their two worlds collide, he begins to understand that if he can navigate the landscape of life in fusion, he just might get that happily-ever-after…after all.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

If you like humor, do not miss out on Life In Fusion, and the other books in Ethan Day's Summit City Books!

I love this series. Absolutely love it. I adore Boone and Wade. This book follows them as they start their long distance relationship, and all the complications that come with doing so.

But, really, it's the humor and banter that have sucked me in completely. I am shocked that I never knew quite how funny Ethan Day is. Every single thing about this story is right up my alley, especially the laughs.

Boone is still unsure of his self worth, as he's someone who thinks one is supposed to be unhappy in life. Watching his struggles with allowing himself to believe in love is an emotional ride. 

They also have to deal with their friends and family as they react to this sudden relationship. It's tough enough on Boone to accept Wade's love, but having some opinions thrown his way doesn't help.

But, seriously, if you enjoy funny, quick-witted banter, do not miss out on this gem!

I am thrilled to have discovered Life In Fusion. Ethan Day has created wonderful characters, who are so damn charming together, and takes them on a touching journey filled with love, laughs and some great friends. 

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