Sunday, October 28, 2018

Lonely Hearts: a novella bundle by Posy Roberts


Stoic men, who believe they’re happy alone, find the world turned upside down when their perfect someone stumbles across their path.
Marc joins the Lonely Hearts chat room where men support men on their way to finding true love. He wants to believe that kind of love is possible for him, but his once-burned heart stops him from going all-in with anyone.
The chat group’s philosophy is, “Figure out how you keep screwing up your happily ever after. Once you know, you’re more likely to find the true thing.”
Skeptical as he is, Marc logs in and meets men in various degrees of getting there. At least he’s not alone. Luther truly loves his single life on the Bakken oil fields. William’s not sure he’ll ever measure up, let alone find someone he can be himself around. And Andrew still pines for a guy he hooked up with on a reenactment battlefield before he got blown up on a real one.
One by one they start dropping like flies. Flies drunk on love. And sooner than he expects, Marc’s luck starts changing thanks to these new friends.
Walk alongside these men as they find the men of their dreams and discover their happily ever afters.
Lonely Hearts: a novella bundle includes: Bent Arrow, Stroke of Luck, Momo, My Everything, and Love on a Battlefield.
blue-collar, reluctant lovers, rural, bisexual, gay, meet-cute, fated lovers, Halloween, love triangle, white-collar, opposites attract, multicultural, coming out, second chance, first time, disability, recovery romance, meant to be, military, artist, world traveler, coming of age, long distance, pen pals, gay romance, contemporary, MM romance, lone wolf, alpha male

My Rating - 4 Stars!

As a HUGE fan of Posy Robert's North Star Trilogy, I was elated to pick up Lonely Hearts and see Hugo in the Lonely Hearts Club chatroom. What a delightful surprise.

The whole trilogy is sweetly done, with chatroom conversations in between the novellas. This works so well at letting us get to know the characters, both before and after their stories. This Lonely Hearts Club chatroom idea is brilliant and a whole lot of fun.

In the four novellas, we get a great variety. Each story stands alone well, but is even better with the others. It's fun to follow the men as they unknowingly stumble upon their own Mr Rights at the perfect time for them. Each novella is well written, with a whole lot of sweetness and sexiness. 

In Bent Arrow, we get to follow Luther and Erik as they slowly get to know each other. Erik's one who prefers to get to know someone before hooking up with them. When the two find themselves spending all their time together, they have some decisions to male. This one does a great job of discussing bisexuality in a good and fun way.

In Stroke Of Luck, we get to follow Marc and Cas, who meet after Marc has lost his home and possessions in a fire. As he's struggling to rebuild his life, he continues to run into Cas. As much as Cas likes Marc, Cass struggles to get involved, and eventually he has some decisions to make. This story is entertaining, with some great laughs included. 

In Momo: My Everything, we watch as William and Nate fall in love. When they meet, William is instantly attracted to Nate, but he needs the outgoing Nate to pull him out of his shy and reserved ways. This story is great, as both men balance the other. And, of course, William has some decisions to make since he isn't out. This one does a great job of addressing sexuality versus masculinity.  

In Love On A Battlefield, we follow Andrew and Shep, who actually meet at a reenactment of a battlefield. After going their separate ways for years, they continue to keep in touch through writing to each other about all the good and the bad. When they reunite, there are a lot of tough decisions to make. This story just melts my heart. I also adore a good second chance romance, and the added complications to this one just make it so emotional.  

Overall, the Lonely Hearts novella is a lot of fun. The men are fun, their stories vary so darn much, and in the end, they all find their true love. Posy Roberts does a great job combining these novellas into a fantastic bundle. If you like novellas, don't miss out on this collection.

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