Friday, October 5, 2018

Spirit Bear by RJ Scott


Animal expert and TV personality Dominic Novak left more than a legacy for conservation and an instinctive love for animals behind when he was killed.

He left a son, Aiden, who craved the instinct with animals that his father had ... and a pupil, Mitchell, whose life changed after hearing Dominic lecture on conservation at college.

Aiden is hiding, scared of people finding the real him, hiding his identity from the world, and keeping a lid on his grief.

Could working together at a census on a grizzly bear sanctuary in British Columbia be the making of Aiden. or will it end up destroying him?

My Rating - 4 Stars!

RJ Scott's Spirit Bear is a fun novella. 

Aiden grew up in the public eye, and wants to spend 2 weeks without anyone knowing who he is. It's a great story, as I love the hidden identity idea and it's wonderfully executed. And I adore Aiden's awkwardness, as he's so realistic. He suffers from self-esteem issues and has been keeping to himself, and it shows.

The bear trip is fun and enlightening, as the two young men not only discover their mutual attraction, but also become friends. The writing has wonderful descriptions of the scenery, making me feel like I am there and enjoying the view with them. Neither man expected to fall in love, but sometimes you just can't pass up on the prefect person for you.

RJ Scott really manages to make Spirit Bear come to life with some well developed characters, a fun storyline and a whole lot of things that just make you feel good. It's a story full of love, tenderness, and a whole range of emotions. It's a great read when you want a quick pick-me-up.

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