Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Blind Love (Online, Book 1) by C.K. Blake

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An anonymous stranger online.
As the executive chef and owner of one of the city's best restaurants, I don't have time for relationships. But as I’m approaching my mid-forties, loneliness seeps in and something needs to change. After downloading a dating app called Blind Love, I develop a connection online with a stranger who goes by the name of RealDeal.

A new hire.
When Rhys, a bright-eyed college grad, walks into my restaurant looking for a job, I don't know if there's a position for him because he barely has any experience. But I love his passion for cooking so I give him a chance.

A spontaneous night out with Rhys culminates with a fiery kiss. At the same time, my virtual walls start to fall and I become more vulnerable online with RealDeal.
I'm attracted to Rhys physically and RealDeal emotionally. It's not a good idea to continue either relationship, but the fire growing in my heart is now too big to put out.

What are the chances that my new hire and the stranger I've been talking to online are the same person?

Is love really blind?

Blind Love is a full-length standalone romance novel with a HEA. It has no cheating, no love triangle, and no cliffhanger. Recommended for 18+.

My Rating - 4.5 Stars!

Blind Love is a fabulous book by CK Blake. The first book in the Online Series, it is a crossover series to the Single Dads Club series by Candice Blake. 

I love this story. The characters are lovable, and the separate connections they make are thrilling. I adore Rhys' ambition and work effort. And Slade taking him in and teaching him is admirable. 

The characters from the Single Dads Club series are often present, contributing greatly to the storyline. If you have read those books, you will love getting to spend time with them again. 

This is a story that includes an age gap, some fantastic first times, and some surprises for the men. And, yes, the sex is hot! 

As I have said in my past reviews of Candice Blake books, I love the story, but have rated it less than 5 stars because of the dialogue. There remains too many "he saids" for my liking. But the storyline is wonderful and the characters terrific. 

Blind Love is one of those books that had me mesmerized throughout. It had it's fair share of predictable plotlines, but I love it all. This CK Blake book is sweet and full of romance. I am excited to see what happens next in this series. 


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