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RELEASE TOUR, EXCERPT, GIVEAWAY & REVIEW - How to Live (Lovestrong #7) by Susan Hawke


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Release Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway:
How To Live
By Susan Hawke



Take one clueless, spoiled guy with notoriously bad luck…

When Derek Leigh is diagnosed with breast cancer at twenty-four, it’s the final straw in a lifetime of bad luck. If he’s going to die, it’ll be on his terms… with one helluva party that packs a lifetime’s worth of fun into whatever time he has left. To make this happen, Derek blows up his life: dumps the long-term boyfriend in the worst way possible, borrows money he can’t repay from a loan shark, and heads to Atlantic City... where his luck unexpectedly changes, giving him fresh hope.

Add one easygoing tattoo artist with a big, open heart…

Asher Matthews has dealt with a lot in his thirty-five years: he and his twin were born addicted to heroin and abandoned at birth… until Mama Maisie added them to her brood of lost boys. ADHD and dyslexia didn’t keep him from following his dream of opening his own tattoo shop, especially with his family’s support. With all that he’s been given in life, Asher makes a point of giving back where he can.

To equal two men who instantly connect in all the best ways.

Derek is shocked to not only survive his cancer treatment, but to come to the end of it in great health. Too bad he’s blown through all his money, lost his car, and has nowhere to turn. On a whim, he goes for a free tattoo. Asher takes one look at the sexy twink who’s down on his luck and offers him a room, a job, and even better, a friend. If they have a little no-strings fun along the way, it’s fine. It’s not like anyone is looking to fall in love, right?

This 55k novel is the seventh book in the LOVESTRONG series about finding love and being yourself in a small town. Watch out for ridiculous amounts of money won and lost, a butler who takes everything in stride, and a scruffy dog you’ll want to cuddle. This is an mm romance full of all the fun, laughter, and sweet feels you’d want from a Susan Hawke book.

Possible trigger for anyone currently fighting cancer or closely related to a breast cancer patient. The book is low angst and the experience is gently handled, but the subject matter is present.

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My Rating - 4.5 Stars!

How To Live is the seventh book in Susan Hawke's Lovestrong series. It's a magnificent book, but damn, it's an emotional rollercoaster for sure. 

Derek's the main man in this tale. And, damn, he's both likeable and easy to hate at the same time. When he's diagnosed with breast cancer, it's easy to sympathize. 

But damn, he's also so damn reckless and self sabotaging. To understand him though makes it forgivable. He's a man who assumes he's about to die. He thinks nothing of living in the moment. And damn, it's tough to read. I really wanted to yell at him and smack some sense into him. But, alas, he's careless. And it catches up with him. 

Luckily for him, he meets Asher at a time when he's at rock bottom.

Derek's journey is one hell of a ride. He learns endless amounts about himself by then end. His inability to do the most basic of things is staggering. But, yes, the way it's developed, it makes sense. Trust me, the author knows what she's doing.

As for Asher, well, he's just damn perfect. He's solid, dependable, has a great family, and is all around lovable. Best of all though is the way he deals with Derek.

The breast cancer aspect is fantastic. I love that the author decided to write about a man with breast cancer, as so often people assume a man can't get it. But, yes, they can and they do. I hope a lot of people read this book and take note. 

Susan's writing is amazing. I may not enjoy all of Derek's choices, but the character development is wonderful. And the storyline is heartfelt, emotional, and poignant. 

How to Live is another fabulous addition to this series. Susan Hawke digs deep in this one, to bring us a character who has as many ups and downs in a short period of time that one can have. 


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Hunter used to tell me how cute my cluelessness was, but I never understood how truly out of it I had been until recently. Simply living at the cheap motel was eating up my money at an alarming

rate, especially when I had a real need to eat every day and drove a gas-burning car.

Simply thinking about it had me clenching my fists. I wasn't even meant to still be alive, dammit. And yes, breathing was preferable, but I wasn't supposed to have to worry about finances.

All the money I'd won, and now I was afraid to tip the maids when they brought toilet paper and freshened the room because I might need it to buy a greasy burger from the value menu in another week or two.

"I beg your pardon, Derek. I'm sensing a lot of anger in your demeanor. Would you like to talk about your feelings for a few minutes?" Ted's voice startled me, nearly making me jump.

You could call me an asswipe because you wouldn’t be wrong, but my first thought was maybe if I talked, then Ted would stop. For a few blissful seconds, the monotone would end. For that thought alone, I wanted to slap myself.

Chagrined and blushing, I nodded. "You know what, Ted? You're right. I think I am angry. I should warn you, though. My self-talk is so bitchy I really can't even with my own damn self, so maybe it's best I don't share?"

Ted shocked me by laughing. Actually fucking laughing. "Derek, anger is a healthy emotion, part of the grieving process I was discussing with you. In a couple weeks, you’ll be finished with your cancer treatments, won’t you? This is when real-world problems and emotions start taking over again as the fear of dying recedes. But part of your recovery is whole body, and that means your mind. You have to deal with your feelings, Derek, if you want to be completely healed."

He was so encouraging, I wanted to sink into the floor and bury myself on the spot. Seriously, could I have been a bigger jerk?

"You might be right, Ted. But how will talking about my anger help my other problems? Problems I was apparently too clueless to even see coming in time to make wiser decisions. My ex-boyfriend was right. I might be cute and have a great personality, but I'm really not equipped to manage my own life."

"I feel like your ex-boyfriend might have had good intentions, but he was wrong. You mentioned having a bachelor's degree? Unless somebody earned it for you, its existence alone proves you're capable of being educated. If you don't know how to manage your life, maybe you were never taught?"

Wow. His statement was… something to consider. "I mean, I definitely did the work. But my grandmother paid for my education. I never had to get a job. She wanted me to have the full college experience and not have to worry about anything. And growing up, the household staff took care of my needs. Any decisions were handled by my father."

"And how did your upbringing make you feel, Derek?"

How did I feel? What kind of question was he asking?

"I don't know, Ted. I will have to think about what I feel, I suppose. If you're asking if my upbringing is what I'm angry about, I don't know. Maybe? Please don't take this the wrong way, but I'd rather break something then talk about this more."

Ted's eyes lit up. He sat forward, rubbing his palms together with a surprisingly normal grin. "Then you should. Take something you don't care about or an item with negative memories and destroy it. Smash it, break it, burn it—do whatever it takes. I'll be interested to know if you feel better after it's gone."

Don't ask him, don't go there, don't you do it, Derek. No. Hard, unequivocal no. Annnd on my next breath, I found myself doing it, opening my mouth, and flapping my yap, and yes—arranging a follow-up visit.

It was patently obvious I not only had problems saying no, but I was also a martyr. There was no other explanation why I would voluntarily put myself through another grueling session with Monotone Ted.

Although he had made a good suggestion, and I had to admit the man deserved to hear the story later after I purged my anger in an epic way. First, I needed to figure out what I would destroy.


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As an avid reader and big romance fan myself, I love sharing the stories of the different people who live in my imagination. My stories are filled with humor, a few tears, and the underlying message to not give up hope, even in the darkest of times, because life can change on a dime when you least expect it. This theme comes from a lifetime of lessons learned on my own hard journey through the pains of poverty, the loss of more loved ones than I'd care to count, and the struggles of living through chronic illnesses. Life can be hard, but it can also be good! Through it all I've found that love, laughter, and family can make all the difference, and that's what I try to bring to every tale I tell.

I'm a happily married mom with one snarky teenage boy, and three grown "kids of my heart." I'm more widely known for my mpreg writings as Susi Hawke; this new name is a departure from that. Whether written by Susan or Susi, the books are filled with that all-important love, laughter, and family I mentioned; the only difference is that this name has no male pregnancy. I look forward to sharing my stories with you, and to bringing more romance and laughter into this world that needs it so very badly.

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Curve Ball (Homeruns #2) by Quinn Ward


Amazon Link   - Available in KU  

The last man he loved without anyone knowing he existed. Now, there’s a younger man tempting him to give life a second chance.

Jason Klein’s living with the fallout from a decision he swore was right at the time. He couldn't tell anyone he was in love, which left him to mourn alone when he found out the man he gave his heart to had been killed in combat.

Now, he’s had time to heal, but he’s not sure he’s ready to let himself move on.

Until he meets Cam Morgan…

Without a job lined up following graduation, Cam Morgan took his best friend up on his offer to move to Milwaukee and stay with him until he could get on his feet. The last thing he wanted to do the day after getting to town was go to a party filled with a bunch of jocks. Sure, they were “professional athletes” but Cam was convinced that bigger bank accounts didn’t make them any more accepting of people like him.

He certainly didn’t expect to meet Jason, the Mavericks’ catcher who broke every stereotype he’d had.

What started out as one hot, sweaty night together quickly grows into something deeper. Jason welcomes Cam into his home and his life, but now he has to teach the younger man that it’s not a sign of weakness to let people help you.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Curve Ball, the second book in Quinn Ward's Homeruns series is amazing! I loved this book when it was originally published under the pen name Sloan Johnson. Now, it's republished under Quinn's name with a little bit of added content. 

Cam came to town to stay with his friend Drew. And there he ends up meeting all the baseball guys, most notably Jason.

Early on, Cam's conversation with Mason about Jason and Sean had me dying, laughing so hard. Love this scene.

Having been closeted for all these years, meeting Cam has Jason wanting something more. 

And damn, they are hot together. This author definitely knows how to write a hot scene.

Love these men and how opposite they are. Cam's clothes makes me smile. I love this part of his personality. Even better though is that Jason appreciates it.

Jason's past involves the loss of his closeted lover. There's a lot of pain and grief to be dealt with before he can fully embrace a new relationship. It's definitely tough to read at times. 

They also have to deal with where they live. Cam's living situation is temporary. He doesn't plan to stay. Meanwhile,  Jason's traveling all the time with his team.

Written in alternating first person pov, both men and their insecurities fully come to life. Both men have a lot of baggage and the author excels in all the emotions and growth involved. The men are surrounded by a fabulous group of teammates and friends.

I love Curve Ball and this entire series by Quinn Ward. I love sports romances, and they're even better when it's a series set around a team, with several men finding their love.It's fabulous!

A Jock for Matthew (Sanderson Brothers # 4) by Declan Rhodes


Amazon Link - Available in KU
Goodreads Link

Brainy nerd, Matthew Sanderson, meets sensitive jock, Shawn Trent, in an opposites attract romance.

Matthew, the youngest of four brothers in the Sanderson clan, feels invisible in a family of local celebrities. Known only as “the tall, skinny one,” Matthew’s the brainiest of the bunch and signs on to help conduct a research project led by a tyrannical, but well-known, professor as a short track to fame and fortune in his field.

Soon, Matthew meets test-subject Shawn Trent, a handsome, muscular, blond college football offensive lineman. Shawn is an English literature major fond of quoting Walt Whitman to his teammates. He’s all muscle laced with sensitive smarts, and he’s in the closet—for now.

A Jock for Matthew is a 54,000-word first-time gay romance with strong family relationship, jock-nerd, and opposites attract themes. This is the fourth book in the Sanderson Brothers series.

All of the books can be read as standalone stories, but they are best read as a continuing series about the Sanderson family including all four brothers as characters in each novel.

My Rating - 4.5 Stars!

A Jock for Matthew is the fourth book in the Sanderson Brothers series by Declan Rhodes. Each book is easily read as a standalone, but I adore this whole series that centers around the Sanderson brothers.

Matthew's the brainy/nerdy Sanderson brother. He definitely doesn't fit in with his "famous" brothers.  When he's assigned to study some athletes for his studies, he never expects to connect with one.

Shawn may be a jock, but he's an English major who easily meshes with Matthew's nerd side. They spare with words and I adore how well they do so.

The two men are cute and sweet together. But Shawn is closeted. Yes, the closeted jock tale which I happen to love.

Their relationship is a slow burn one, as they two opposites fight their attraction for each other. Cue the forbidden factor, as Matthew isn't supposed to get involved with one of his subjects. Oh, so much fun!

Their story involves some hot moments, plenty of sneaking around, and a whole lot of insecurities. The conflict that arises is natural, although the resolution is definitely an easy way out. None the less, I really enjoy it all and love these men together.

The writing is great, with two likeable characters and a compelling storyline. In addition to the Sanderson family, there are lots of entertaining secondary characters. I basically love the whole crew.

A Jock For Matthew is a fun sports romance by Declan Rhodes. This jock/nerd story is a definite one to consider the next time you're in the mood for a college sports romance. 

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Ancient House of Cards by Bryan T. Clark


Sebastian Morales is smart, gorgeous and has just turned 30. He is also one of the youngest priests to be assigned to the sleepy little town of Morris Colorado, nestled just below the majestic Rocky Mountains.

Born in a remote village in Spain, Father Morales’s life had been perfectly scripted as he obtained his dreams. Now in America, he is tasked with revitalizing an aging congregation. The job seems easy until he meets Ian Stephens. Ian is troubled, good looking, openly gay and trapped between his own dreams and the responsibility he feels for caring for his aging mother.

Escorting his mother to Sunday mass one morning, Ian's and Father Morales’s life intersect, changing both forever. Ian believes he has seen something in the Father’s eyes that morning, a spark, an intuition, or was he just fantasizing about the seductively alluring priest?

Ian is willing to risk it all in order to find the answer, in turn feeding his own sexual desires and causing boundaries to be questioned by everyone.

After an unforeseen yet unforgettable kiss between the two men, will an Ancient House of Cards be toppled when they are faced with the moral dilemma that neither of them can escape?
**Please be aware that it is not a HEA in the manner that you would expect**

My Rating - 4 Stars!

Ancient House of Cards is a riveting read by Bryan T Clark. There is a romance in this tale, but it's not a romance in the end. There's a happy ending, but definitely not as you'd think. 

Damn, I couldn't put this book down. It's not all hearts and roses and happily ever afters, but it's one hell of a messy ride.

First, let me say that I do not like these characters at all. They are horrible people who don't learn from their mistakes until it's almost too late. So through most of this book, you will most likely despise them too.

I'm in love with stories about priests falling in love. I don't believe in celibacy. I also personally know several priests who left the priesthood to get married. So bring on the love! Thus, not only are these books fun for the taboo nature, but also just to see them finding love is fabulous. 

But again, this isn't quite that. It isn't what you're expecting. 

Sebastian and Ian are instantly attracted to one another and struggle with their forbidden desires. What follows is messy, angsty, and also maddening. 

Good god, I wanted to punch both men at times. They hold nothing back; being together every chance they get. But there are plenty of obstacles in their way, including themselves.

In the end, the way it's wrapped up is perfect. I don't know any other way this could actually end satisfactorily. Seriously, even the reader isn't rooting for them throughout. Sometimes, things are just that messy.

And as for the title, bravo! It's perfect, just perfect.

Ancient House of Cards is not your typical read. I didn't care and couldn't put it down. But be sure to check out this Bryan T Clark read the next time you're in the mood for a unique gay fiction book. If you go into this one knowing it's a gay fiction read, and not a typical gay romance, you'll love it too.

Daddy's Sunshine (AirB&D, book 1) by Olivia Joy


Amazon Link   - Available in KU  

Welcome to the AirB&D! We hope you enjoy your stay.

James Lawrey is a CEO with plenty of cred in corporate circles and plenty of cash to go with it. Privately, though, he’s learned the hard way that it might be impossible to find the one thing he can’t buy--a young man to look after who wants and needs a real Daddy, not just a sugar daddy.

Textile artist Rye Henry’s last relationship went up in flames when his ex told him it was time to grow up. Rye’s got a lucrative business of his own, so he needs a lover who isn’t going to try to change him, a Daddy who wants his true devotion.

Both men drop a pretty penny to experience a few days at the AirB&D, a swanky vacation home in Maine, for a fantasy that’s exactly what they’re looking for. Even if it only lasts one weekend.

But could they get more than their money’s worth?

Of course. Just leave it to the matchmaker.

My Rating - 4 Stars!

Daddy's Sunshine is the first book in the AirB&D series by Olivia Joy. A new author, I was delightful surprised by this cute romance. 

In essence, Rye and James meet up for a two night Daddy fantasy. Neither expected to find love.

Instantly James sees Rye as "His sunshine." It's just wonderful; completely sweet and heart warming.

This is a short story; just 70 pages. Written in third person pov, the author perfectly develops everything; never leaving the reader feeling like something is missing or needing more.

Daddy's Sunshine is a great choice the next time you're in the mood for a short and sweet romance. Olivia Joy has left me wanting more from this special Air B&D!

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Gypsy Heart by Ann Lister

Amazon Link - Available in KU 
Goodreads Link

Brett “Gypsy” Hart has never been one to abide by social norms, whether it’s professionally with his band, Gypsy Heart, or in his private life. He’s had an ongoing relationship with his music collaborator for many years but never fully committed to him nor said those three all-important words. Now Gypsy’s longtime love is gone, and he’s left picking up the pieces of his life while settling his friend’s estate.

Jacob McKinney owns the local cafe. He knows who Gypsy is the moment he walks into his restaurant and also knows why the famous musician is in town. They were formally introduced years ago, but he doubts Gypsy remembers him, which is just fine. Although Gypsy and Jacob live in two very different worlds, there was one person who’s tied them together.

John Kirby was a talented award-winning lyricist who worked with many musicians throughout his long career. Born with a heart defect, he made the most of his time, but in the end, left behind two very different men to process their loss. Kirby’s one wish was to bring Gypsy, the only man who owned his damaged heart, and Jacob together somehow—first, as a way to help each other mourn, but then as a new opportunity at love.

Can two grieving men find lasting love together and uncover the connection Kirby already knew existed between them? Dead men can’t talk, but their dreams can still come true—even from the beyond.

Gypsy Heart is a stand-alone rockstar romance with a slow burn, high emotions, grief/comfort, and an HEA.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Like every Ann Lister book, I immediately fell into Gypsy Heart and couldn't put it down. Everything about this story spoke to me. 

Gypsy and Jacob's love story is as wonderful as the rest of Ann's couples, but their tale is definitely a little different. This is a tale of grief that follows rockstar Gypsy after he loses his partner, Kirby. 

When Gypsy returns to the cabin he owned with Kirby, he meets Jacob, who had his own sort of relationship with Kirby. Things are definitely a little complex as far as how these three men are connected. 

Gypsy. Oh how my heart hurt for Gypsy. He's surprised by Kirby's death and is left with regrets and doubts. He and Kirby were secretly a couple. But Gypsy never claimed him publicly, never made him a priority, and kept their relationship open.

Oh, the open relationship for these two was a complex thing. Kirby loved Gypsy with his whole heart, and didn't try to sleep with others. Instead, he loved Gypsy from afar and waited at home for him. Jacob, however, is one of the men Kirby did sleep with. 

And oh man, Jacob. When we meet Jacob, we learned that he loved Kirby. He would have done anything to be Kirby's guy. But he knew Kirby's heart was taken. 

And then Gypsy and Jacob meet. I love these men and their story. 

Instead of jealousy and anger, these two bond over their mutual grief, and end up attracted to each other. It's a beautiful love story. Absolutely beautiful.

I appreciate the way the author brings these men together, as well as the strength of their love. Their love for Kirby is never belittled, but instead, Kirby is what helps bring them together. 

And, oh dear god, just crush my heart now - the letter from Kirby! Tears. So many tears.

One thing you won't find in this story is the rocker scene. Yes, Gypsy's career and his bandmates are present, but this is not what this story is about. This is solely the story of Gypsy and Jacob's grief and their resulting love story. 

Gypsy Heart is easily one of my favorite of Ann Lister's books. This book is oozing with heart and romance. The emotions are present throughout, as the men go from grieving, to bonding, to loving. I love every single moment of this story and can't wait to read it again. 

Honestly, as big of a fan I am of Ann Lister, I am shocked to say so, but Ann easily outdid herself with this stunning tale.

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COVER & EXCERPT REVEAL - Not So Sincerely, Yours (For Him #2) by AM Johnson


NOT SO SINCERELY, YOURS (For Him #2) by A.M. Johnson

Release Date: March 25, 2021

Cover Design & Illustration: Murphy Rae

Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance

About last night... I could blame the bourbon. I could say I let things get out of hand, that I should have never called you, but I'm done lying to myself—to you. I know what you're going to say. You're not very good at keeping your opinions to yourself, but this can't happen. It's inappropriate, at best. I'm your boss. Not to mention, you're clearly still hung up on him. I'm not a consolation prize. 



You didn't think it was inappropriate when you had your tongue down my throat, but I digress. As for your accusation, I'm not the only one stuck in the past, but at least I'm not running from it. I can't believe I'm about to say this… Maybe you're right. You shouldn’t have called me. Especially if you never intended to own it. Own that you wanted it to happen. Admit that you wanted me. 

Not so sincerely, 


The city was awake with foot traffic and blaring car horns. People in business attire with cups of coffee buzzed by me as I leaned against the locked door of Lowe Literary. It was forty-five minutes after seven, and I’d been standing here since six-thirty, thinking it would be smart to arrive early. I’d been worried about parking, or worse, getting lost in the city. I didn’t drive much around Denver, and growing up in small-town backcountry Florida, I could admit I wasn’t adequately equipped for the big city. My hands were cold, even stuffed in my pockets, and my temper bordered on irate. I’d texted Anders about twenty minutes ago and he hadn’t answered. I was seconds from saying fuck it and walking back to my car when he finally rounded the corner. Anders was all confidence in a steel-colored suit with a deep blue button down underneath. His golden blond hair was artfully disheveled, giving him a casual appearance, but I’d bet my left kidney it’d taken him an hour to get ready this morning. Maybe that’s why he was late.

“You’re early,” he said, his voice smooth and bored.

He didn’t spare me a glance as he pulled keys from his pocket and opened the door.

My jaw ached as I gritted my teeth. “Early? You told me to be here at seven.”

“Did I?” he asked, and I could hear the fucking humor in his voice.

“Yeah…” Asshole. “You did.”

I followed him into the office, the lights automatically illuminating as we stepped inside. The place was nice, not as cold as I assumed it would be. Instead of glass and metal, everything was warm wood and earth tones.

“Office hours are nine to four. Kris used to show up around eight-thirty,” he said, leaning against the only desk in the lobby. “This is your workspace. I’ll get your log-in information when you get back.”  

I took a calming breath. “Back from where?”

“The Starbucks two blocks west from here.” His lips lifted more on the right side of his mouth, his grin crooked. He was enjoying himself at my expense. “Americano for me, and you can get whatever you want within reason. Here…” He reached into his bag while I seethed. No apology for making me sit in the damn cold for over an hour, nope, right to business. “This is the company card. I expect a receipt for any purchases you make for me or Lowe Literary.”

I took the card from his hand, “Receipts. Got it.”

His blue eyes traveled over my body slow and disapproving. I had on the best pair of jeans I owned, and borrowed one of Jax’s polo shirts. I didn’t have the money for bullshit designer suits, but I cleaned up okay.

“You’re the face of Lowe Literary, Mr. Calloway. I expect you to dress like you give a shit.”

I huffed out a laugh. “Well, I expect a boss who shows up on time.”

“I was on time.” Arrogant as hell, he slipped his hand into his slacks.

“Why did you tell me seven if we don’t open until nine?” I asked, ignoring his confident glare.

He hesitated, and I wondered what bullshit excuse he was about to give me when he surprised me with the truth. “Initiation. Payback. Perhaps a bit of both.”

I understood the payback part. I’d be pissed if I caught strangers fucking in my house too. But initiation? Like what? Hazing?

“Look, I’m sorry about—”

He raised his hand, silencing me. “You’re here because Wilder asked me to help out his friend. Apologies are unnecessary. This isn’t about you. It’s best if you remember that. Show up. Do your job. And there won’t be a problem.” 

Before I had a chance to reply, he walked away and disappeared down the hall. Furious, and feeling smaller than I ever had in my entire life I contemplated quitting. I didn’t need to put up with his shit. I could be on site with Jax in an hour if I wanted. I slammed my eyes shut and tried to push down my anger and pride. This job would allow me the time I needed to do my schoolwork. And according to the nursing program advisor I’d spoken with last week, I had a shit ton of prerequisites I had to complete before I could even apply to the RN program. If it weren’t for Mr. Superiority Complex, this would be the chillest job I could find. And I’d never find a gig that paid me as well as this did. I groaned and pocketed the business credit card, hating the way Anders had me by the balls.



One of Five eARC's for Not So Sincerely, Yours
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Amanda lives in Utah with her family where she moonlights as a nurse on the weekends.

If she's not busy with her three munchkins, you'll find her buried in a book or behind the keyboard where she explores the human experience through the written word.

She's obsessed with all things Austen and Oreos, and loves to connect with readers! 



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COVER REVEAL - Bombshells (Brooklyn Bruisers) by Sarina Bowen

CREDITS: Photo by Wander Aguiar
Cover design by Hang Le


The women's league is in the house! And Brooklyn will never be the same again for Anton Bayer and the team…

This is my last chance to ditch my playboy reputation and finally fulfill my potential. So I’ve made three rules for our biggest season yet: no boozing, no women, and no scandals.

Especially that last thing.

So who do I befriend on the very first day back at the rink? An amazing female hockey player. I want Sylvie in a way that’s more than just friendly. I crave her. But I have a championship to win, and so does she.

Then she gets her heart broken by my teammate, and I make the foolish mistake of comforting her in the best way I know how. Our night together sets off a string of sins.

Nobody can know about our affair, especially my overprotective teammate. I can’t let anyone see into my greedy little heart. Not even her.

The things I want from her, and the things we’ve already done? If anyone knew, there’d be bombshells.

Contains: a defenseman with dreamy blue eyes, a female goalie with bad ideas, a major battle of the sexes and a swimming pool scene... 

Google: Coming Soon!
Audio: Coming Soon!

PRE ORDER BLITZ - Nice Guys Don't Win (The Boys #2) by Micalea Smeltzer

Title: Nice Guys Don't Win Series: The Boys #2 Author: Micalea Smeltzer Genre: New Adult College Romance Release Date: May 19, 20...