Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Royal Rebel by Avery Duncan


Love vs Duty

Rick didn’t ask to be the next in line for the throne, but that’s the hand he’s been dealt.

It’s not the openly being gay that’s causing his family embarrassment; it’s the drinking, the motorcycle and the countless run-ins with the press that’s the problem.

Rick has to clean up his image, and soon.

Enter Benjamin Roberts, director of the children’s charity that Rick just became the patron of.

There’s something about Ben that Rick can’t resist. But is love a good enough reason to risk everything? Is an affair with a ‘commoner’ a step too far?

When love versus traditions, does the heart run the head, or is royal duty more important?

My Rating - 4 Stars!

Royal Rebel is a fun romance by Avery Duncan.

This definitely isn't your typical royal romance, as Rick, the next in line for the throne, is actually out and proud. His family knows, they just don't have much to do with him.

I adore the way that Rick changes, going from a press nightmare to an upstanding man in love. They way that he and Ben just click is sweet and endearing and they are just so darn perfect together. But, please, don't expect this to all be reality based, as I am assuming they would have a MUCH tougher time being together in a real royal family.

Royal Rebel is cute and entertaining, with just some light angst mixed in. I enjoyed every second of this Avery Duncan story and definitely recommend it for a quick, light read.

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