Monday, October 8, 2018

An Omega For Brewster (Sugar Beach #2) by Corie Rosling


An Omega, broken and alone
An Alpha, afraid to love again
Five years ago, an accident turned my life upside down. It stole my parents, my hearing, my identity. I thought I was finally on my feet. New town, new job. Then, I met him. 
My alpha. The one person who was supposed to be mine. Until he wasn’t. 
Alone. Rejected. Can I find my way again? Or is this too much?
Twelve years ago, I married my best friend when he needed me most. We weren’t soulmates, but he was my world. Together, we built a life. Had a family. Until he was gone in an instant.
I struggled to raise our son alone, determined never to love again. Until I met him.
My omega. My soulmate. Until fear and confusion made me step back.
Can I risk the hurt of loving again? Or do I walk away forever?

My Rating - 4 Stars!

An Omega for Brewster is a sweet and romantic mpreg story by Corie Rosling.

Brewster and Micky are a great couple. They met at the dinner where Brewster works. Brewster was able to help Micky when he had a seizure, and then helped him to settle into life in a new town.

Micky, who lost his hearing in an accident five years ago, is a precious and loving character. But, even better is the way that Brewster reacts to Micky's deafness. I love the way Brewster and his son both want to learn sign language, learn the best ways to help Micky, as well as work with Micky's service dog.

Brewster is one guy who I am so excited to see get his happily ever after. After his ex died, he stopped worrying about himself, spending all his time raising their son. Brewster was happy with his ex, despite knowing they weren't mates. But, the feelings he has with Micky, his mate, are stronger and amazing right away.

The author does a wonderful job dealing with Micky's deafness. Not only do we get a good look at the best ways to communicate with someone who's deaf, we also learn about some of the ways a deaf person is affected. Personally, I never thought about the difficulties a deaf person has while looking for a job. As well, the lack of being able to communicate to doctors and others is eye-opening. 

An Omega for Brewster is a perfect follow up to Hillbilly Diner's Omega. This series by Corie Rosling is a refreshing, fun and delightful one that you should check out if you enjoy mpreg romances. It combines some serious subjects with romance and humor. I can easily say that this will be added to my re-read list.

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