Friday, October 12, 2018

Love's Trials (Revolutionary Heart #2) by Janice Jarrell

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Colin and Joshua faced the most harrowing ordeal of their lives with love and courage. Believing they'd survived their trial, they looked forward to a future filled with happiness only to discover that the worst was yet to come. Sometimes surviving is the toughest trial of all.After half a lifetime spent in short-term liaisons that allowed no intimacy, charismatic Irish police officer, Colin Campbell, found the love of his life. Dark-eyed, steady Joshua Abrams burned through Colin’s emotional barriers and taught him to look at life through new eyes, eyes that made room for the love and closeness he had always denied himself. Deeply in love and completely happy, their life together remains idyllic and their fiery passion for each other seems limitless.
They survive the Charlottesville 'Unite the Right' riots, though not without scars. But later that month Colin’s position with the campus police force places him in charge of an informant program designed to crack a dangerous drug ring. Fully aware of the risks, he swears to Joshua that he will oversee the program without becoming directly involved. But Colin's promise shatters when he becomes the only thing standing between a young Nigerian exchange student and a deadly drug lord.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Wow! Just wow! Love's Trials, book two in Janice Jarrell's Revolutionary Heart series is amazing!

Colin and Josh are back, and are dealt some tough obstacles. They have to deal with a dangerous drug case, the Charlottesville Neo Nazi march, and more. The scenes of the Charlottesville rally are as riveting as they are haunting. It was bad enough to see these events on tv, but to read about them from the characters points of view is mind-numbing. It's a tough read, but so worth it.

This story is one of two men who are each other's everything, each other's strength, but stagger with insecurities, fear and emotional distance. The writing takes us on a journey demonstrating the dangers of pride. 

Overall, this book contains some tough topics, including PTSD. Without one another, Colin and Josh would be lost. But, together they can face anything. 

I absolutely recommend Love's Trials, as well as Love's Magic, book 1 of this amazing series by Janice Jarrell. And I can't wait to see what she comes up with for these boys next!

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