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Love Lessons (Love #2) by Reese Morrison

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“Come here,” Dustin repeated, his dark eyes serious.
Landon put his hands on his hips and stood his ground. “Make me.”
He knew he was acting like a petulant teenager, but this was Dustin. And with Dustin, he felt safe.
Please, he thought, please, please make me.

Landon doesn’t need anyone. So he’s confident that when he offers to train a nervous, sexy Dom, nothing will come of it.

But Dustin has some things to teach him, too. Because Dustin uses sign language and asks him questions that no one else bothers to ask. Because Dustin wants him, no matter how he presents his gender. Because when Landon rebels, Dustin’s there to keep him in line. And when Dustin makes him obey, it feels real.

Real enough to call Dustin his Daddy.

But these are just lessons, right?

Love Lessons has a nervous new Dom, a confident and genderfluid sub who offers to train him, age play with a middle, a bit of angst, and plenty of sign language. This book is the second in the Love Language series, but it can be read alone.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Reese Morrison's Love Lessons, the second book in the Love series, is fabulous. 

As in Love Language, the author packs a punch with the complexity of everything tackled in this book. It deals with deafness, ASL, gender-fluidity, BDSM, age play, asexuality, and more. Any of these aspects would have made an interesting read on their own. But, weaving them all together is extraordinary. 

It's impressive the way that the author handles Landon, who is a multi-layered character. He can't hear, he's gender fluid, desperately needs age play, and has a lot to learn. And in a fascinating move, Dustin has an auditory processing disorder, which amps up the importance of ALS and communication in this amazing read. 

This story includes a kink club and plenty of kink, including sensory depravation. But, seriously, imagine the issues these two men face with their hearing problems during DBSM, and everything is increased tenfold. 

This is a story of facing fears and taking chances. It includes sexual exploration and relationship struggles. They are so close, but struggle to make things work

In addition to everything else that is tackled in this book, the author also adds in an emotional issue with Landon teaching deaf students. It's a terrific storyline on it's own, and adds tremendously to this tale. 

Overall, Love Lessons is a fantastic read. Definitely check it out when you're looking for a BDSM read with a complex storyline and even complex characters. 

Ziggy (Kinky Boys #2) by K.M. Neuhold & Nora Phoenix

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As far as I can tell I don’t have a submissive bone in my body. So why do I like it so much when Marshall calls me his good puppy?
I’ve made some impulsive decisions in my life, but signing a contract with the K Boys to shoot an Introduction to Kink series may have been the biggest impulse ever. Sure, the intimate part of it doesn’t faze me, but the rest is way more intense than I had expected.
Luckily, there’s Marshall, the consultant who oversees all the shoots. He’s so calm and steady, and he’s there for me when I panic. That doesn’t mean I suddenly like being tied up or something…until Marshall introduces me to puppy play. I want to be his good puppy…and much more because it’s hard not to fall for him.
But I still have a contract. I don’t want to disappoint my boss, and I need the money.
This isn’t a long-term career plan, Marshall is only temporarily in Vegas, and I may have made the biggest mistake of my life… Or have I?
Ziggy is a low-angst MM romance that shows a variety of mild kink, including puppy play. It’s the second book in the K Boys series and can be read as a standalone, though it’s more fun to read the books in order.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Ziggy, the second book in the Kinky Boys series, is another wonderful read by KM Neuhold and Nora Phoenix. 

Byron is the young man behind the Ziggy persona. He doesn't fully connect to the kink aspect of porn. In an amazing stroke of luck however, Marshall is able to see Byron's needs. 

What follows is a thrilling tale of sexual exploration, as they experiment with BDSM and kink, with Byron learning a lot about himself in the process. Throughout their interactions, there are real sparks and ever growing feelings. 

This story is brilliant, as it's a story of exploration only, at first. And I love it. 
Their story includes puppy porn, hot chemistry, and some complications. I adore the way these two form a natural connection in this sweet, low angst romance. 

Ziggy is a story of finding someone who believes in you and makes you believe in yourself. Both authors excel in bringing all the emotions to this delightful story. This series is well done, with heart-felt emotional romances mixed with plenty of heat and kink. 

Fight for You (Beyond the Cove #4) by Jaclyn Quinn

Is this a love worth fighting for?

One man is haunted by a past he can’t outrun.
One man is branded by a legacy he can’t hide.
One man is burdened by a guilt he can’t deny.

The usually peaceful town of Riverside Falls has had its very core shaken by traumatic events. Three men find themselves at the center of it all, thrown together by circumstances beyond their control.

Sawyer Levy came to Riverside Falls four years ago to escape from…well…life, but when he finds himself in need of care, he’s forced to trust not one but two men for the first time in years.

Grant Belford is riddled with shame in the tragic aftermath of incidents he didn’t see coming, blaming himself for the terror that rocked his town over the last few months.

Captain Mason Lockley is struggling with the recent events that have shaken up the quiet town of Riverside Falls, tormented by one thought, over and over again: Did he miss the signs because of jealousy?

Having no choice but to lean on each other, the three men suffering with their own demons aren’t expecting to have such an undeniable connection—or to fall so hard. It’s a love they don’t understand, but will they realize it’s worth fighting for?

***Fight for You picks up where Thirst for You left off. Therefore, if you would like to avoid spoilers from Thirst for You, it is suggested you read that book first in order to truly understand what the characters in this book are going through.
***There is a retelling of a violent event from an MC's past. Though it is not told as it’s happening, it may be triggering to some readers.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Fight For You is the fourth book in the Beyond The Cove series. This Jaclyn Quinn read is an exquisite menage romance that picks up where Thirst For You leaves off.

From the start, when the story starts with Sawyer in the hospital, and both Grant and Mason staying by his side, the emotions come out in full force. 
Grant's ex girlfriend nearly killed Sawyer, setting the scene for a new dynamic between three men. And,'s delicious!

Mason and Grant are two men who have loved each other for years, but something was always missing. With Sawyer, that missing piece is found. Their story is one of three men who have a lot of issues between them. Anger, resentment, frustration, and guilt. Hurt, regret, attraction, and love. These are three men getting to know one another, scars and all. 

Sawyer's panic attacks are well illustrated, bringing them fully to light, pain and all. His background is well developed over time. He's a loveable man when his walls come down. He's been locked in the closet by fear, but he feels the two handsome men knocking on his door. Meanwhile, Grant has spent his life pushing people away, especially Mason. 

This is about the importance of wanting to get better. It's impossible to accept the love of others when one doesn't love themselves. "...You're never going to live your own fucking life if you choose to ignore half of it, or if you continue to punish yourself for other people's mistakes."

It's about the impact of denying one is gay.  "You may not be broken, but you're sure as hell not've taken a huge part of your life and you've tossed it aside."

The author also includes some fantastic secondary characters. I adore Sawyer's parents. Completely adore them. And then there's Liam, who adds immensely to the story. I love poor Liam. 

Fight For You is a long journey towards self love and finding one's self worth. Jaclyn Quinn expertly combines comfort/hurt, small town, and second chances in this beautiful story.  

RELEASE BLITZ, GIVEAWAY & REVIEW - Beautiful Beast (Those Other Books #4) by Roe Horvat


Book Title: Beautiful Beast

Author: Roe Horvat

Publisher: Roe Horvat

Cover Artist: Garrett Leigh (Black Jazz Design)

Release Date: May 1, 2020

Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance

Trope/s: Instant lust, rich & famous

Themes: Dancer & tycoon, light kink (bondage, dirty talk), sexual self-discovery

Heat Rating: 5 flames 

Length: 42 000 words

It is a standalone story. 

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Beautiful Beast is a light tale of lust and love, about a beautiful dancer who keeps a wild beast locked inside him, and the man who sets it free.

Kevin used to hold himself back, trying to keep his less conventional desires to himself. With Joakim, he feels free. It’s almost as if Joakim can read Kevin’s subconscious, touching the right places at exactly the right time, and whispering the most shameless things…filthy, and oh so satisfying.

Falling for Kevin is easy. Joakim can feel it happening and he’s powerless to do anything about it. With every touch, his desire grows. Men have chased him for his money and status before, but Kevin doesn’t seem to care about any of that. Maybe this time, Joakim should let himself fall, and hope the landing will be soft.

My Rating - 4.5 Stars!

Beautiful Beast is the fourth book in the Those Other Books series by Roe Horvat. Having loved the pervious books, I was excited to dive into this one. 

After a chance meeting, and a hook-up on grinder, Kevin and Joakim find themselves with a quick connection. Everything feels right from the start. As a reader, this is just a meant-to-be, super sweet meeting. 

Both men are interesting and complex, with distinct bedroom preferences. 
Theirs is a story with a hidden billionaire trope, an age gap, and a whole lot of bedroom exploits. 

One of the best things about this story is the continued appearances of the men from the previous books. The triad is ever present, as well as Kevin's continued pondering of what the three men do together sex-wise. I highly enjoyed this aspect. 

As I've come to expect from the author, the writing is fabulous, with a distinct atmospheric feel to them. Basically, I love everything about his writing. 

Overall, Beautiful Beast is hot, emotional, and a must read if you've read the previous books. Roe Horvat once again combines a strong emotional pull with a whole lot of steamy scenes. It's impressively done for such a short novella. 

Previous Books - 
The Other Book
Adam Only
Third One

Joakim recognized him immediately. Kevin’s heart-shaped, plump lips stretched in a careful smile; he was stunning. There weren’t good enough words to describe the man’s angelic face. Light blue eyes, big, round and sparkling, with long lashes. His nose was small and perfectly straight, cheekbones high and sharply cut, jawline soft and boyish, even though the thin lines on his forehead said he must be closer to thirty than twenty. Kevin had an exquisite face and an exquisite smile.

He moved like the dancer he was, drifting gracefully among the people in the crowded restaurant until he stood close to the tall table Joakim waited by. He blinked nervously, and those full lips parted. Joakim wanted to suck on them, see if they turned a darker shade of red… And he was just sitting there, gaping like a fool. Realizing his mistake, he jumped up from his seat to welcome his date properly. The chair scraped on the floor, making an awful sound over the sultry music in the restaurant. Joakim winced.

“Sorry,” he said. “Hi. Hello. Lovely to finally meet you properly.”

“Hi,” Kevin said and smiled a shy smile, which would have buckled Joakim’s knees if he hadn’t been leaning on the table with one hand.

“Hi,” he repeated dumbly. Then he had to laugh. “Sorry, I’m just…” He gestured helplessly at Kevin and shook his head. He’d spent the past few days telling himself it was nothing. Just a lark. But now the beautiful creature that had been following him in his dreams was here in the flesh, and Joakim floundered like he never had before. Could he at least stay coherent, for fuck’s sakes?

“What?” Kevin said, perplexed. He looked down, perusing his own body, probably looking for stains or an open fly.

“No! God, no. You look great. I’m just a bit stunned, that’s all. I’ll put myself back together in a minute, I promise.”

Kevin only looked more bewildered.

“Sit down,” Joakim said decisively. “Sit, and we’ll have a drink. I definitely need it.”

Kevin chuckled, still puzzled, and sat opposite Joakim at the tall round table. The chairs were as high as bar stools but more comfortable with plush armrests. Joakim couldn’t help but follow the lines of Kevin’s body with his gaze as the man settled into his chair, all long, slim limbs and graceful movements. He was dressed casually, in light beige chinos, tight over his sculpted thighs and calves, a blue button-up with a fine pink flowery print, and a silver-gray jacket. His clothes and movements had that subtle feminine flair Joakim always admired. It spoke of courage and honesty, of being comfortable with your true self. Combined with the shine of his blond, windswept hair and his milky skin, Kevin shone in the dim restaurant like a fucking supernova.

Joakim was still staring. Say something normal. Anything! Joakim only thought of telling Kevin he was the most gorgeous being he’d ever seen in his whole damned life, but he stopped himself. Other than that, nothing came. First date, dammit. You’ve done this hundreds of times. Get a grip.

Kevin was nervous now, fiddling with his sleeve, and he looked at Joakim from the corner of his eye. Joakim realized that in order to restart his brain, he needed to look away. Tearing his gaze away from Kevin was painful, but Joakim managed to steer his attention to the bar. Look, there are glasses and shakers. Bottles. Personnel. A bartender. Say something normal.

“They have cocktails, but there’s also sake. They’re known for their great sake selection. Or Japanese beer? Lager?” And now he was rambling. Jesus! After an epic dry spell, I finally meet a man I actually want to impress, and that’s when my intellect decides to take a day off? Really?
“Sake sounds great. I haven’t had sake in ages.”

“You’re in for a treat. They’re quite busy, so we might have to wait a tiny bit longer, but the food is worth it.”

“I trust you,” Kevin said with a soft smile, and Joakim’s brain scrambled again.

“Wow, I can’t even look at you,” he blurted.

Kevin’s eyes widened. He blinked, obviously at a loss as to what to say and jumping to the wrong conclusions already.

“No! Shit, sorry. Not like that. I… your face is very distracting.”

Still confused, Kevin parted his amazing mouth to speak, but Joakim intercepted him. “You are beautiful, Kevin. Gorgeous. And it’s messing with my head a little. I’ll be fine in a minute. I better stop babbling before you run away.”

“I… erm. Thank you?”

Joakim had to laugh at the sincere bewilderment of the man.

“Let’s order some sake,” Joakim said, trying to climb out of the hole he’d managed to dig himself during the first two minutes of the date.

“Yeah. I think I need a drink too,” Kevin said in a perfectly natural voice, and Joakim thanked all the gods and all the elements and Kevin for saving him from lethal embarrassment. Joakim could talk about food and sake without saying something stupid. He was almost sure he could.

Queer fiction author Roe Horvat was born in the post-communist wasteland of former Czechoslovakia. Equipped with a dark sense of sarcasm, Roe traveled Europe and finally settled in Sweden. He came out as transgender in 2017 and has been fabulous since. He loves Jane Austen, Douglas Adams, bad action movies, stand-up comedy, pale ale, and daiquiri. When not hiding in the studio doing graphics, he can be found trolling cafés in Gothenburg, writing, and people-watching.

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RELEASE BLITZ & GIVEAWAY - Legally Wed by Rick R Reed

Title: Legally Wed
Author: Rick R. Reed
Publisher: NineStar Press
Release Date: April 27, 2020
Heat Level: 3 - Some Sex
Pairing: Male/Male
Length: 68600
Genre: Contemporary, elementary teacher, gay marriage, grief, Lake Union, men with pets, receptionist, romance, same-sex marriage, Seattle, second chances, Washington State, wedding planner

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Love comes along when you least expect it.

That’s what Duncan Taylor’s sister, Scout, tells him. Scout has everything Duncan wants―a happy life with a wonderful husband. Now that Seattle has made gay marriage legal, Duncan knows
he can have the same thing. But when he proposes to his boyfriend Tucker, he doesn’t get the answer he hoped for. Tucker’s refusal is another misstep in a long line of failed romances. Despairing, Duncan thinks of all the loving unions in his life―and how every one of them is straight. Maybe he could be happy, if not sexually compatible, with a woman. When zany, gay-man-loving Marilyn Samples waltzes into his life, he thinks he may have found his answer.

Determined to settle, Duncan forgets his sister’s wisdom about love and begins planning a wedding with Marilyn. But life throws Duncan a curveball. When he meets wedding planner Peter Dalrymple,
unexpected sparks ignite. Neither man knows how long he can resist his powerful attraction to the other. For sure, there’s a wedding in the future. But whose?

Legally Wed
Rick R. Reed © 2020
All Rights Reserved

Same-sex marriage had just become legal in Washington State, and Duncan Taylor didn’t plan on wasting any time. He had been dating Tucker McBride for more than three years, and ever since the
possibility of marriage had become more than just a pipe dream, it was all Duncan could think of. He thought of it as he gazed out the windows of his houseboat on Lake Union on days both sunny and gray (since it was late autumn, there were a lot more of the latter); he thought of it as he stood before his classroom of fourth graders at Cascade Elementary School. He thought of it when he woke up in the morning and before he fell asleep at night.

For Duncan, marriage was the peak, the happy ending, the icing on the cake, the culmination of one’s heart’s desire, a commitment of a lifetime, the joining of two souls. For Duncan, it was landing
among the stars.

And for Duncan, who would turn thirty-eight on his next birthday, it was also something he had never dared dream would be possible for him.

Now, too excited to sleep, he was thinking about it—hard—once again. It was just past midnight on December 6, 2012, and the local TV news had preempted its regular programming to take
viewers live to Seattle City Hall, where couples were forming a serpentine line to be among the first in the state to be issued their marriage licenses—couples who had also for far too long believed this right would be one they would never be afforded. Many clung close together to ward off the chill, but Duncan knew their reasons for canoodling went far deeper than that.

The mood, in spite of the darkness pressing in all around, was festive. There was a group serenading the couples in line, singing “Going to the Chapel.” Champagne corks popped in the background. Laughter.

Duncan couldn’t keep the smile off his face as he watched all the male-male and female-female couples in the line, their moods of jubilation, of love, of triumph, traveling through to him even
here on his houseboat only a couple of miles north of downtown. Duncan wiped tears from his eyes as he saw not only the couples but also all the supporters, city workers, and volunteers who had crowded together outside city hall to wish the new couples well, to share in the happiness of the historic moment.

And then Duncan couldn’t help it; he fell into all-out blubbering as the first couple to get their license emerged from city hall. Eighty-five-year-old Pete-e Petersen and her partner and soon-to-be-wife, Jane Abbott Lighty, were all smiles when a reporter asked them how they felt.

“We waited a long time. We’ve been together thirty-five years never thinking we’d get a legal marriage. Now I feel so joyous I can’t hardly stand it,” Pete-e said.

It was such a special moment, and it was all Duncan could do not to pick up the phone and call Tucker and casually say something like, “Hey honey, you want to get married?”

But he knew he had to wait even if patience was a virtue Duncan had in short supply. On Sunday, when the first marriages would take place, he planned on bringing Tucker to their favorite
restaurant, an unpretentious little joint on Capitol Hill called Olympia Pizza. There, amid the darkened and—for them—romantic interior with the smells of garlic, basil, and tomato sauce surrounding them, Duncan would propose, saying something clever like:

“I’m thinking about changing my Facebook relationship status to ‘engaged.’ Would you mind?”

In his mind, Tucker would chuckle and then rub at the tuft of blond hair that grew from his chin, regarding Duncan with his dark-blue eyes. Duncan could see the flicker of the candle lighting up
his man’s features as he held the silence for a few moments, building the suspense. Then he would say something like, “I think I’ll change mine too.”

That would be one way it could play out—very twenty-first century.

Duncan would then imagine all his friends and family congratulating the newly minted fiancés with “Likes” and words of encouragement and shared happiness. Maybe he could get their waiter to
take a picture of them, holding hands over a sausage and mushroom pie, right after the moment when they went from two guys dating to two guys anticipating…marriage.

Duncan found himself wiping yet another tear from his eye. Sunday was going to be perfect.


NineStar Press | Amazon | Smashwords | Barnes & Noble

Real Men. True Love.

Rick R. Reed is an award-winning and bestselling author of more than fifty works of published fiction. He is a Lambda Literary Award finalist. Entertainment Weekly has described his work as “heartrending and sensitive.” Lambda Literary has called him: “A writer that doesn’t disappoint…” Find him at Rick lives in Palm Springs, CA, with his husband, Bruce, and their fierce Chihuahua/Shiba Inu mix, Kodi.

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RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW - Shelter in Place by Simon Strange


Book Title: Shelter in Place
Author: Simon Strange
Publisher: Simon Strange Books
Cover Artist: Simon Strange
Release Date: April 11, 2020
Genre/s: Contemporary M/M Romance
Trope/s: First time gay, Gay for you, scars (very light), low-angst, 
forced proximity, kink exploration, exhibitionism, experimenting.
Heat Rating: 5 flames
It’s pretty much non-stop sex and filthy dialogue with no limits. 
Length: 90 000 words/ 300 pages

It is book one in a series. 
Book 2 is on pre-order with a book 1.5 available via the newsletter.

Buy Links - Available on Kindle Unlimited

I'm stuck in a straight guy's apartment. How am I supposed to deal with this?

I hadn't planned on living with Ross very long. I just needed a place to stay to get on my feet after a bad break up, and happened to be friends with his sister. But when the shelter in place order comes down, not only do I lose any chance of finding my own space; my bartending job dries up, too.

And Ross is taking this order very seriously. He grew up in a family of Montana doomsday preppers, and his rules are very clear: we've got three months of food, and neither of us is leaving—for any reason.

I don't have a ton of money, and there are bills to pay. But there are a few different ways to make some cash online—especially when the rest of the world is shut inside, too, and need something to entertain them. Who would have imagined I would end up on a cam site entertaining guys from all over the world just by being myself and having fun? So long as I wait until Ross goes to sleep before I log on, anyway—I definitely do not want him to know what I'm up to on his couch.

But Ross is full of surprises, it turns out. And I guess I am too. Because what I end up sharing with him is something I've never shared with anyone before. I just worry that things are about to get very complicated. Because every gay boy knows the cardinal rule:

Never, ever fall for the straight guy.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Shelter in Place is a fun book. This Simon Strange romance takes place during a pandemic, which had me seriously hesitant going into it. But, omg, I love it. Absolutely love it. 

Do not think of this as being a book about the Covid 19 pandemic. It is not. This is a book about a relationship that develops during the shelter in place part of the pandemic. It is not scary. It will not make you think about the current situation much. Rather, this is an exciting example of what could happen while being sheltered in place together. 

And it's hot. And just when you think it's hot, it gets even hotter. They experiment with voyeurism, first times, D/s, humiliation, and a one time experiment with water sports.

And it's amazing. I absolutely love this book. There's a lot to it, including sexual exploration, sexual discoveries, and the struggle with one's sexual orientation. It's emotional and amazing. And in the end there are doubts and fears.

On top of all that, it's an excellent illustration of the sexual characters in the online persona versus their sexual sides in reality. It's an interesting thing considering the world we live in, with people only showing what they want to show online.

If you enjoy sexy books, Shelter in Place is a must read. This Simon Strange read is the perfect distraction from real life. It's a cute, fluffy, and hot GFY read between roommates.

“Holy... shit,” I muttered. I looked at the camera. “Did you guys see that?”

@LuckyTom: That was the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in my life.

@Look3r123: Shit, is he okay? Is he breathing? Did he die?

@YourDad57: Russ I think you killed him, brother. What’s in your cum?

I laughed, and swiped a bit from the end of my cock, and looked at it like I was seriously wondering. “Hell, I don’t know. Maybe I have a super power. What do you think, Cal?”

Cal opened his eyes, and I angled the iPad to make sure he was fully in frame. He shook his head, and waved a hand. “I don’t know. Gotta be something, though. Here, let me...” he reached for my arm.

I let him take my hand, and he pulled it close and closed his lips around my fingertip, nursing the drop of cum off it. He shook his head once it was clean. “Not sure. Not enough of a sample.”

I grunted, and grabbed the base of my dick to shake it at him. “Maybe you better clean this off, then.”

I couldn’t even help myself at that point. Cal glanced up at me, questioning and exciting. I gave him a nod, and he sat up as I lifted my cock so he could get to it more easily. His mouth closed over the head of my dick and my head rolled back as a shiver ran through me. Then I sank into his mouth, and maybe changed my mind about whether I could go a second time. He groaned quietly, and his slick fingers, covered in my cum, his, and some vaseline, found my nuts and gave them a gentle kind of squeeze as he took me down until I pushed into his throat and then past.

“Fuck,” I gasped, barely able to get a breath. “Yeah, fucking clean it all up, Cal.”

He grunted, leaned in, gripped my dick with his other hand, and began to work me. I shuddered, looked down and almost stopped him. I didn’t think I could really come again, not so soon, not after that. But the first one had been weak. Nothing special, nothing extraordinarily intense. Not like the time he sucked me. I tangled my fingers in his hair and moved my hips with his head, pulling away the same time he did and thrusting in slow.

It was like the first time all over again—all that head, that suction, the magic of his tongue. It made me drunk, made my tongue loose. Except this time I knew what was in his head when he did it. How he was desperate to please me, to treat my cock just right. His groaning grew higher pitched, more urgent. He fucking loved sucking my dick. And I realized that it made me feel like a god that he did. “Good,” I rumbled. “That’s good, Cal. Fucking suck it all up. Think you can make me come again? Try. Get that cum, little guy. You wanna own this dick? That’s rich. Look at you, you don’t own shit. This dick owns you, doesn’t it? You fucking dream about it, think about it all day... you want another taste. Work for it. Suck it out of me, good boy.”

Ding, ding, ding. Ding-ding. Ding. Ding ding ding.

Oh yeah—they fucking loved it.

Simon Strange loves coffee, red wine, craft beer, and men. Especially men. Especially the men you should never, ever screw...

What is it about the forbidden that gets our blood hot? Is it just the rebellious instinct to do what we're told is wrong? Those men we grew up with, the ones that were either always looking over us or always by our side—or chasing us around—the ones that say they don't want us, and would never ever... well, just this once, if you don't tell...

So that's what you get from Simon Strange. Stories of the forbidden, of the filthy, and the naughty, and the never-ever-tell, and of course, the strange. With nearly 150 reviews for his collection of erotica and romance, and an average of four and a half stars across the board, you'll almost certainly find something you like in the pages of his work.

Just be sure to bring a change of undies. ;)

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PRE ORDER BLITZ - Nice Guys Don't Win (The Boys #2) by Micalea Smeltzer

Title: Nice Guys Don't Win Series: The Boys #2 Author: Micalea Smeltzer Genre: New Adult College Romance Release Date: May 19, 20...