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Trusting the Elements (Never Too Late #1) by Elle Keaton

Length: 50,000 words approx.

Cover Design: Cate Ashwood

Cover Photo: Paul Henry Serres


There’s nothing like a near death car accident to open your eyes. Otto Proulx decides surviving was a sign; he’s being given a second chance to claim the life he wants to live. For the past few years he’s been hiding in the shadows, vague texts from a troubled ex-partner keep him at home along with his general lack of luck in the romance department. This is his last chance, he’s certain, this time he’ll meet the man for him, the one he’s sure is out there somewhere.

Greg Trainor runs a specialty kite shop and helps his friends out when they ask. That’s the kind of guy he is, if somebody needs something, they call on Greg. He’s a big guy and no genius, but he’s dependable. So…yeah, when he sees a car precariously perched on the side of the road, he stops to help out; it’s what he does.

One night of passion leads to…several more and suddenly both men are searching around to define what they have together. Neither wants to scare the other off and neither wants to ask for more. Will the two men be able to set aside their fears and create a family together, trusting the elements are in their favor?

My Rating - 4 Stars!

Elle Keaton's Trusting the Elements is a sweet romance. The start of the Never Too Late series, it is perfect for someone looking for a small town romance. 

Otto meets Greg when he's caught in a storm and Greg helps him. What starts as instant attraction leads to a hook up. 

What follows is a nice insta love romance, with things happening quickly. The men certainly make for a good couple, with a lot to offer one another.

Their story includes family issues and a homophobic family. Greg's backstory with his parents and sister is heartbreaking. 

It's a story of fears, doubts, and regrets. They have to deal with a stalker ex, adding the right amount of suspense and thrills. 

And you'll get to enjoy an adorable little girl and two precious little kittens. She is seriously a phenomenally written child. I fell for her immediately and wanted to help her myself.

Trusting the Elements is a sweet and tender romance with some fun and charming characters. The small town atmosphere is well done, leaving me looking forward to reading the next book in this series. 

Thanks for stopping by, I’m Elle Keaton and I hail from the northwest corner of the US where we are known for rain, rain and more rain. I write the Accidental Roots series, set here in the Pacific Northwest featuring hot mm romance and the guarantee of a happy ending for my men. They start out broken, and maybe they end up that way too, but they always find the other half of their hearts.

I started writing way back when but only began publishing about two and a half years ago and now have nine books out. Each features a couple in my little universe, sometimes there is added mystery and suspense.

Thank you for supporting this Indie Author,


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Rules of the Game by T.L. Travis


Kendall Shaw is in a rut. Sick of feeling like his dad’s personal puppet. Sick of being set up on less than stellar dates by so-called friends and family. Just plain sick of everything. That is, until Joe enters the equation.

Joe Butler has worked diligently to build his architecture business and reputation, which has just signed its biggest client to date. A law firm with endless connections in the greater Seattle area. Connections that could elevate his firm’s status.

When Kendall and Joe’s paths cross, sparks fly. But Joe has a strict no dating policy, especially when it comes to clients. But Kendall is relentless and refuses to accept no for an answer.

In this battle of wills, who will be the first to give in?

My Rating - 3.5 Stars!

Rules of the Game is a short, fast paced romance between client and attorney. 

There are some cute moments and some hot sex. As a short, it's cute and a little bit sweet. Despite wishing it was a longer story, it's a charming short story. 

They're definitely a cute couple, but I want more of them. At the current price point of $1.99, I wouldn't buy it, as it's only 34 pages. But if the price drops, it's a cute one.

MMF - Threesies (Happy Hours Book 2) by Shaylin Matthews


My name is Miracle and I’m the headmistress of a highly exclusive escort agency. My influences run from CEOs to street royalty. I handle my business and my word is my bond until this.

One Threat…

I’ve pissed someone off. And when a series of threats show up on my doorstep, in my mailbox, my email, and my phone I dismissed it. When my car explodes I’m concerned for my life.

Two Crushes...

There are only two people in this world I trust to help me find the source, even though I’d never ask them: Jared and Connor. Connor’s a cop. Jared is an entrepreneur on both sides of the law. We were once inseparable until they pushed for me to choose one over the other. And I wouldn’t. I couldn’t because I need and want them both.

Three Lovers...

Complicated are our ties. Complex is our relationship. Covered by two men who love me and will shield me from the threat hanging over my head. And now, I’ll gladly place my life in their hands, and my body in our bed. Threesies is what we were as children but when this is over what will we be?

***Warning - this book includes hot lovin' by all parties mentioned. It is intended to be read by people who have open minds, open hearts and likes to feed their need for naughty.

My Rating -  3.5 Stars!

Threesies is a fun MMF romance by Shaylin Matthews.

Miracle is reunited with Jared and Connor when someone tries to harm her.
The three that used to be close, but have been apart for years, and each have changed a lot. You can feel the awkwardness and the tension jumping off the pages.

With a second chance for these three, it's a chance to set things right. And they have secrets, desires, and a first time for their new relationship.

It has a decent mystery that reunites the trio. But without having read book one, the mystery is lacking. Thus, I found it to not be a standalone, and wish I had read the previous book. 
I don't love Miracle in the beginning, but my feelings change early enough on, as she needs their help. And, wow, that help is hot. 

Threesies is a short, quick menage romance. The sex is hot and often, but it's all a part of the three learning to trust one another again.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Rocking Thin Ice by Z. Allora


Can a sexy rock star show a relationship-phobic ice skater that there’s more to life than gold medals?

When ice-skating’s bad boy Blaze first glimpses Drake, every fantasy he’s ever had flares to life. Not only is rock star Drake sexy as sin, his songs awaken a longing in Blaze that he’s denied for years. But Blaze Parker doesn’t believe in relationships—at least not those that last more than twenty minutes.

Drake Keys has dreamed about the sensual ice skater for years. When Drake is kicked out of his band because of his bisexuality, he drives across the country to finally see the man he’s had a crush on skate live.

Though the attraction is instant and intense, both Blaze and Drake have baggage that puts any relationship on thin ice. Blaze is driven by a long-ago betrayal to prove himself a champion, and Drake, uncertain about the future, hopes to resurrect his music career. As they take a road trip together, Drake romances Blaze, hoping to melt his heart and show him that love is possible… but not without some tough decisions.

My Rating -  5 Stars!

Damn, I love Z Allora's Rocking Thin Ice. There's just so much to enjoy about this story. Drake and Blaze's relationship makes for a super fun read. A rocker and a figure skater, oh hell yes!

Blaze is considered "the untouchable ice princess," never wanting more than a hookup. He never takes chances, never risks himself; he's a voulnerable and fearful man. He may be out now but he hides behind his snark and one night stands. 

Drake, meanwhile is bisexual, which means dealing with some issues at times, including an ex. He's a man who wants an emotional connection with someone instead of hookup. Having
been fired from his band, he takes the time to travel and meet the intriguing figure skater. He's long fantasized about the sexy skater and doesn't hesitate to pursue him. With the help of an accidental pot laced brownie incident, things start off for the couple.

Drake's pursuit of Blaze is entertaining, full of surprises and awkward moments. Despite avoiding relationships, meeting Drake slowly changes everything for Blaze. The pace at which the lines start to blur is fantastic. Both men have fears they're able to overcome with the help of the other, which always makes for a entertaining read. Their struggle to face these fears and accept love is beautiful and flows seamlessly.

It's a story of instant attraction, hesitancy, and a whole lot of baggage. Their relationship is memorable and enchanting. Both men make enormous development through the course of the book, and the romance is emotional and enjoyable.

Their story explores the bullshit involved behind the scenes in the music industry, as well as the politics of homophobia in figure skating. I definitely enjoyed both of these aspects. 

The author doesn't skimp on the humor. Omg, Drake's parents are hysterical, making for an entertaining coming out scene. Truly a remarkable moment.

The author also includes some emotional and tender sex scenes, which are absolutely amazing. My favorite is the one that includes the beauty in the gift of rimming someone you love. It's a powerful scene for sure.

Rocking Thin Ice is a tale of beautiful surrender. This slow burn romance is definitely a great Z Allora read.

BOOK BLITZ - Taming Emilio (Buried Secrets #2) by Brina Brady

Buy Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Universal Link - Exclusive to Amazon and Available to Borrow With Kindle Unlimited

Length: 256 pages

Buried Secrets Series 

Book #1 - Buried Secrets - Amazon US | Amazon UK


Emilio Escobar hasn’t always made the right life choices, but to be fearing for his life at eighteen is not what he deserves. Physically battered and emotionally abused, he flees to his cousin, Rafe, head of the Gay Protector Society.

Rafe’s friend and co-owner of the society, Kaden Donagan, is interested in becoming Emilio’s protector, but it comes with a price. Emilio is never to break the security rules and has to accept Kaden’s decisions at all times, or his punishment will be harsh. Emilio is more than happy to accept Kaden’s conditions. Kaden is everything he wants in a protector.

Unfortunately, misunderstandings, lies, and shortcomings on both their parts threaten to take away the one thing Emilio and Kaden each need more than anything else: each other.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This book contains mild BDSM elements including restraints, blindfolds, and spanking. Taming Emilio is book 2 in the Buried Secrets Series, or it can be read as a stand-alone book with no cliffhanger.


“Emilio, this is your night to shine. Remember to be yourself at the party and one of the men will claim you. That doesn’t mean for you to entertain all the protectors. This is not your old job, so behave yourself when you work the bar. I’m going to park the car, and then I’ll join the party.”

“I promise I’ll be on my best behavior and I won’t embarrass you.”

“Please leave James alone.”

“James will be at the party? I thought you said James picked Dante from the second group?” Emilio’s pulse quickened as he thought about James being at the party. For some reason, he needed James’s validation and attention.

“Yes, but he likes to come to all the parties and play with the new ones.”

“What about me? I’m a new one.” Emilio grinned at Rafe.

“What about you?”

“What if James wants to play with me, are you going to stop him?” Emilio glared at his cousin.

“The purpose of this party tonight is for you to secure your own protector. You’d be wasting your time with James because he’s taken, but I won’t stop him or you. Do what you think is right with James. Remember that he’ll be in our group. If you do anything with him, how will you feel about Dante, or how will he feel about you when you have your own protector?”

“I don’t know Dante, but I hope that means you won’t interfere.”

About Brina

I am from Huntington Beach, Ca. I taught various subjects at a Continuation High School in Los Angeles, California for 27 years. I obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in history, Secondary Social Science Credential and a Master's Degree in Secondary Reading and Secondary Education from California State University, Long Beach. I also enrolled in some creative writing classes at UCLA. You can contact me at

Connect with Brina Brady here:

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The Hitman's Guide to Making Friends and Finding Love by Alice Winters


What happens when a snarky hitman and a by-the-book PI cross paths?

Being a hitman has its perks, but I never thought getting an accidental mooning by an attractive PI while he’s caught on a fence would be one of them. While it’s not exactly love at first sight, he’s captured my interest and won’t let go.

Suddenly, I find myself caught in a game of cat and mouse, determined to attract the attention of Jackson, the PI who should be my enemy. He pretends like he’s not flattered by my flowers and the mentions of my totally-not-fictitious blow-up doll Randy (or was it Dandy?), but I know better. Why else would he be teaming up with me to bring down Hardek, one of the city’s most ruthless criminals?

Even though the cops are telling me that the hitman is a notorious contract killer, I can’t help but admit that I’m drawn to him. He’s funny, charismatic, and attractive. There’s no way this ridiculous man can be the person the cops are after.

But when Leland ends up at my doorstep injured, I’m faced with a tough choice. It’s my duty to hand him over to law enforcement, but my heart has other plans. I want to keep him. To protect him. To be with him.

Though one question remains: why in the world does the man have so many d*mn guns?

Contains: shenanigans on a swing that you would NOT find at a playground, a car chase that sadly doesn't have flips or explosions, a horsey ride sans horse, cuddles, an exuberant mutt, a suspicious chief of police, and lots and lots of laughs.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Alice Winters is a freakin' genius! The Hitman's Guide to Making Friends and Finding Love is spectacular! If you love banter and snark, if you love laughing out loud often, you need to read it asap.

Plot aside, these two men had me in stitches throughout. I could not stop laughing at Leland. Both his banter and his actions left me in tears. I love the way his mind works. He's probably my new favorite all-time book character. 

The storyline itself is great. Alice Winters excels in her ability to weave a wonderful action story with non stop humor. Despite the serious nature at times, one still is left with a light feel throughout. 

I can't recommend this book enough. But it's definitely one of those books you need to read in private, as you will seriously laugh, snort, and cry big fat funny tears often.

It's full of one of the most hysterical characters I've ever read. Leland is amazing. And he never, ever stops. But his love for Jackson is overwhelming, leading him on a whole new life path. And damn, as a couple they are phenomenal.

Honestly, there is nothing quite like an Alice Winters book. If you haven't discovered her works yet, do so now. You won't regret it.

PRE ORDER BLITZ - Nice Guys Don't Win (The Boys #2) by Micalea Smeltzer

Title: Nice Guys Don't Win Series: The Boys #2 Author: Micalea Smeltzer Genre: New Adult College Romance Release Date: May 19, 20...