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Weight For Love by Jason Collins



Two things are off the menu: straight men and delicious food.

I have no idea what to expect when I return to my hometown to help renovate the family house. Growing up, I wasn’t exactly an athletic kid. Still, it turns out that Winchester has a warm welcome for me, and his name is Carter.

But thinking about love would be a lot easier if I weren’t so worried about my weight.

My homecoming starts with a broken-down car just as I arrive, and of course Carter is the first person to drive by. He’s even fitter and sexier than when I left.

I thought those piercing eyes were only for the ladies, but I was wrong. Oh so wrong. We want each other, but I’m not sure if I deserve a guy like Carter. Maybe it’s time to show him what my body can really do.

I might be cutting calories, but Carter’s one indulgence I can’t refuse.

Mark thinks he needs to slim down, but I’d rather see him strip down.

I missed my chance in high school, and I never thought I’d see Mark again. But he’s back in town and looking better than ever. When I give his car a jump, sparks fly, and he’s even more charming than I remember.

As luck would have it, I’m the contractor renovating his grandma’s house, which means we’ll be seeing a lot of each other. And I can’t hide my excitement. I want Mark, and I’m not letting labels get in the way of that.

He’s the one who got away. I want to give him the romance we missed out on in high school.

But Mark is holding back. I like him at any weight, yet he’s determined to change himself. His dedication makes me swoon, but I want him to know that I find him sexy no matter what.

Mark says he wants a workout partner, and I’m hoping that clothing is optional.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Weight For Love is another wonderful book by Jason Collins. 

Mark returns to his hometown but can't forget all the bullying and taunts he endured during his high school years. Carter remembers Mark from school and is immediately smitten with him.  

Mark has a whole lot of hang-ups about his weight though, and can't understand why Carter would even look at him twice, let alone be attracted to him. 

What follows is a fantastic journey of one realizing they are more than their body type and their weight. One is also more that what the bullies think of you. 

With Carter's help, Mark can grow in his self worth and accept love into his life.

I find Weight For Love to be an incredible story with a great message. I highly recommend it!

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Truth and Consequences (Southern Comfort #4) by S.L. Danielson, Julie Lynn Hayes


In the wake of the Halloween lock-in, a rift has opened up among the friends, brought about by Mark’s inability to be honest with them, as well as himself. Todd reaches out to Blake and Clay, and a stronger friendship is formed. Mark misses his boyfriend, but even more so when a new student named Taylor arrives on the scene, and it appears that Taylor and Todd might be more than just friends.

Clay’s about to turn eighteen and his father is throwing a party—one he fully intends to wriggle out of, until Travis invites all his friends and he’s caught. An uninvited guest brings out a side of Clay nobody knew existed, one that threatens to shake up the peace of New Liberty.

Not telling the truth has its own consequences!

My Rating - 4 Stars!

As an avid fan of Young Adult romances, I am really enjoying the Southern Comfort series by SL Danielson and Julie Lynn Hayes. Truth and Consequences is book four in the series. 

It picks up with Mark and Todd on the outs, and everyone in the group mad at Mark. Then we get to see Todd getting to know Taylor. 

Blake and Clay are as close as ever. In fact, a large portion of this book deals with Clay's problems, letting us get to know him better, and I really do like him now. 

I appreciate the Taylor storyline, and the way the group deals with everything. 

And as for Mark, he has a lot of growing up to do,  and it's great to see the changes in him.

These teens certainly have a lot of complications in their lives. They have family issues, friendship issues, and problems that arise from keeping secrets. I'm definitely enjoying this series a lot. 

RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW - You. Forever. Always. by KA Merikan

Buy Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK 
Exclusive to Amazon and Available to Borrow with Kindle Unlimited.

Length: 50,000 word approx.

Cover Design: Natasha Snow

Underdogs Series 

Book #1 - Manic Pixie Dream Boy - Amazon US | Amazon UK
Book #2 - Just Here For The Pain - Amazon US | Amazon UK


---Years of loving in secret. Now the secret’s out.---

Mage. Reasonable. Mature. In love with his best friend’s little brother.

Dawn. Painfully shy. Crazy talented. An anxious cinnamon roll in need of protection.

Mage has always been Dawn’s hero. He’s been there for him when Dawn was bullied, when Dawn came out, and when he joined The Underdogs. He’s also been Dawn’s first and only love—painfully unrequited, since Mage is straight. But that’s only for the better, because they’re bandmates, and Dawn’s brother is Mage’s best friend.

It would all be too intense, too complicated, too real.

But then one drunken kiss proves Mage might not be as straight as he seemed, and their whole world turns upside down. Even though Dawn craves Mage’s love so much his heart could burst, his shyness stands in the way of any future they could share.

While they have to keep their budding relationship under wraps and they prepare to sign a major record deal, Dawn’s anxiety gets out of control. Mage will have to choose between the success he’s always craved and the love of his life.


Themes: rock band, bandmates romance, older brother’s best friend, coming out, bisexuality, first love, anxiety, compromise, music, secret love

Genre: Contemporary M/M Rocker Romance

Heat level: sweet, explicit scenes

Length: ~50,000 words (Can be read as standalone, HEA)

My Rating - 5 Stars!

You. Forever. Always. is a beautiful tale. 

Without having read the other books in the series, I am left wondering a little about why Dawn is so extraordinarily broken. The story is still good as a stand-alone, however, if you can overlook the lack of development of this issue.

Dawn and Mage's story is an emotional one for sure. Dawn is broken and so painfully shy. He has no idea that Mage has always loved him. Instead, he just sees Mage as his straight protector.

Their tale is beautiful and tender. Dawn and Mage are two men who are so loveable. It'd be difficult to not fall for these men.

The songs that Dawn writes are exceptionally meaningful. His contribution to the band is extraordinary, despite never being on stage.

You. Forever. Always. is an amazing book. I highly recommend it! And now I want to go back and read the previous books in the series.

K.A. Merikan are a team of writers who try not to suck at adulting, with some success. Always eager to explore the murky waters of the weird and wonderful, K.A. Merikan don’t follow fixed formulas and want each of their books to be a surprise for those who choose to hop on for the ride.

K.A. Merikan have a few sweeter M/M romances as well, but they specialize in the dark, dirty, and dangerous side of M/M, full of bikers, bad boys, mafiosi, and scorching hot romance.

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RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW - Something About Jace (Pineapple Grove #1) by Jocelynn Drake & Rinda Elliott

Title: Something About Jace
Series: Pineapple Grove #1
Author: Jocelynn Drake & Rinda Elliott
Publisher: Drake & Elliott, LLC
Release Date: December 28, 2018
Heat Level: 4 - Lots of Sex
Pairing: Male/Male
Length: 63k
Genre: Romance

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Gallery owner Jace Townsend loves his tiny hometown of Pineapple Grove, deep in South Florida. His life is filled with sunshine, blue skies, jogging on the beach with his dog, and the greatest friends a guy could want. What more could he ask for?

Love would be a great start. After his last relationship fell apart, Jace has begun to wonder if he’s ever going to find someone who would fit into his quiet life.

Of course, the last person who would fit into his life is a major movie star.

Trent Elrige is drowning. He’s constantly on the go from one movie obligation to the next. And after the last stalker got a little too close for comfort, Trent decides it’s time to take a step back and figure out what he’s doing with his life.

Pineapple Grove seemed the perfect spot to hide for six months and figure out his future. He just wasn’t expecting to be tackled by love so quickly.

But now that he’s found Jace, is he willing to risk everything he’s worked so hard for? And is Jace willing to walk away from his precious Pineapple Grove to be with Trent?

My Rating - 5 Stars!

I am so excited about Jocelynn Drake and Rinda Elliott's Pineapple Grove series. The first book, Something About Jace, is amazing.

Jace is a self-described simple man who feels he has nothing to offer someone. He spends his days running an art gallery in a small coastal town in Florida with his time revolving around tourist season. He never expected to find someone so extraordinary coming to town.

Trent is smitten with the cute Jace and despite being there for only a short time, wants to start a relationship with him. Of course, Trent's a Hollywood star and is hiding both his location and his sexuality. Such a fun premise; exactly the kind of story to get me excited.

I love the writing style, and the pace, as it flows beautifully. There's some suspense involving vandalism, but most of the story revolves around Trent and Jace's developing relationship, and Trent being a closeted actor. 

I loved every second of this story. Jace and Trent are just so damn adorable together, and I appreciated that the tension was light and short lived. In addition, the secondary characters definitely provide a lot and offer us a great glimpse into this little town. 

I highly recommend Something About Jace to anyone looking for a sweet read.


As they continued down the block, Trent kept his head down as the random car passed them, so no one could clearly see his face in the splash of headlights. It hit him then—that he was fooling himself. He wanted a normal life with quiet nights, but could he have that? He’d traded privacy for fame when he’d been a teenager. Yeah, too young to realize what he was giving up, but he couldn’t fool himself into thinking he hadn’t entirely known what he was getting into.

And he did love his life—loved acting and all the travel. But he also was ready to have a real home. Was that even possible?

The thought made him tired all of a sudden. Tired of having to watch every little thing he did. He glanced at Jace often as they kept to the shadows and made their way back to his house, his heart achingly heavy. Even Ripley seemed to get that they were trying to escape notice as she trotted along quietly ahead of them, her head up and alert for new people.

Before they reached his back patio, Jace stopped him with a hand on his lower back. “You worried they’re going to figure out where you live?”

“No, I think we lost them.”

“You got quiet on me. If you’re worried that was the sort of thing to chase me off, don’t. I…like you. And I’m not ready for whatever this is to stop. We’ve had dinner only twice, and I really think we should continue to give kissing a try.”

He stared at him for several moments, realizing he hadn’t even been thinking of what kind of hardship anyone who tried having a life with him would experience. Of course, he’d thought of it before, but his thoughts had been a little more on the selfish side tonight. He just had so much to work through.

As he stared at this gorgeous man with his brown eyes, he realized nothing had to be figured out just then, and his morose mood faded away. “Good, because I’m not either.” He grabbed Jace’s hand and tugged him into the house. Ripley trotted in after them and lay down on the rug between the living and dining rooms.

Since the place had about a million windows, Trent flipped off the light as the door slammed behind them. Jace’s laughter pulled him in so hard and fast, he grabbed the man and slanted his mouth over his. He licked along his bottom lip until Jace opened for him with a low growl in the back of his throat. They kissed for long, slow moments before pulling back, their gazes catching in the moonlight and locking as heat flared.

Something passed between them then, something that had Trent catching his breath and Jace’s eyes widening. It made Trent feel like he had butterflies in his chest.

Before he could take another deep breath, they went back at each other like they were starving, tongues stroking in a way that had all Trent’s blood flowing south.

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Meet the Authors

Jocelynn Drake and Rinda Elliott have teamed up to combine their evil genius to create intense gay romantic suspense stories that have car chases, shoot outs, explosions, scorching hot love scenes, and tender, tear-jerking moments. Their first joint books are in the Unbreakable Bonds series.

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Dead Man Walking (Cold Case Psychic #9) by Pandora Pine


Cold Case Detective, Ronan O’Mara is stunned to see the breaking news that a well-known mobster he helped to put behind bars, Vito “The Dragon” Dragonni, has been released from prison after his life sentence is overturned on a technicality. When prominent members involved in the original case against The Dragon start turning up dead, Ronan starts to wonder if he’s next.

Psychic, Tennyson Grimm starts having visions of dead men with The Dragon’s signature kill shot: two bullet holes to the forehead. The men in the visions are strangers, but when he learns from an undercover agent that Dragonni has compiled a hit list with Ronan and his ex-partner, Tony, at the top, he fears a day will come when he recognizes the murder victim in his vision.

Tony Abruzzi has been a broken man since the tragic death of his adopted son, Mark. Refusing the offer of protective custody until Dragonni and his hit squad are off the streets, he seems to be daring the mobster to come after him. Despite the fact that they’ve been estranged since the case that cost Tony’s son his life, Ronan decides to stick to his former partner’s side as his personal bodyguard, whether Tony wants his help or not.

Can Ronan and Tony find a way to work together to stop The Dragon before he can cross more names off his hit list or are both detectives dead men walking?

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Dead Man Walking is another thrilling installment to Pandora Pine's Cold Case Psychic series.

As usual, this book includes humor, suspense and danger, in addition to some hot moments. This story is absolutely gripping, and it's once again written in an exciting and hair-raising manner. 

And Jude! I can't get enough of Jude, and I am thrilled to be able to read his story in the near future. But, even more, I am dying to read the next Cold Case book. I need to know what happens next!

Pandora Pine has created characters that I absolutely love! This entire series is amazing and I can't recommend it enough.

Risk Aware (Saugatuck #2) by Amelia C. Gormley


Tattoo artist Geoff Gilchrest is convinced his life is some sort of cosmic joke. Why else would a hemophiliac also be a masochist? He’s given himself more than one elbow bleed since puberty just doing what guys do when alone and bored, so forget about whips and chains. How many partners would contemplate playing with someone even a mild flogging could kill?

Gallery owner Robin Brady knows he can deliver what Geoff needs: to be taken to the edge of danger but never beyond. But Robin came to Saugatuck to get away from the leather scene and heal from a betrayal by his former sub, so he’s not sure he should get involved with Geoff. His ambivalence isn’t helped by the fact that Geoff’s unwillingness to communicate about his well-being hits Robin in some very raw places.

Geoff’s hemophilia isn’t the obstacle he thinks it is. Instead, a lack of trust—on both their parts—is what could end them before they have a chance to begin.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Wow! Risk Aware is a phenomenal story. Amelia Gormley creates a fascinating combo of two multi-layered men in this BDSM romance.

Geoff is a unique character, as he's a hemophiliac who craves pain and rough sex. Definitely a life threatening combo; something he never expects to be able to do. Then he meets Robin, a Dom who has been back backstabbed by his former sub which also makes for an interesting aspect of this story.

The way that Robin is able to give Geoff the pain he wants is phenomenally written. Everything is developed in a manner that allows the reader to be educated about hemophilia without feeling like it's a lesson. 

All BDSM requires trust, but the level of trust which Geoff needs to have in Robin is absolute, making for emotional-driven and romantic scenes. The kink scenes are extraordinarily written. 

The thing I find the most amazing is the tender and emotional manner in which Robin wants to take over caring for Geoff's health. It's something Geoff would never even think of, but to Robin it's both necessary and incredibly bonding.

Remember this story is about kink, and has a lot of types of kink. Because they can't partake in traditional pain methods, it's exciting to discover the ways in which Robin can provide Geoff with pain, while also keeping him safe. 

The backstory of both men is handled in a great manner, described well and is important to the story. Robin's experience with his ex is important and well infused into Robin and Geoff's story.

From the very beginning, I was immediately hooked by Risk Aware. Amelia Gormley has mastered both a tone and story with which I quickly fell in love. I highly recommend this tale to anyone who likes BDSM but is willing to read something different from the norm.

This Time Around (For the Heart of Phillip #2) by S.L. Danielson


Sequel to “For the Heart of Phillip”. This tale picks up where the other left off; except following the two men who were left behind with broken hearts, Robert and David.

Can two lonely souls finally get a second chance on getting it right?
Robert can’t believe this has happened again. His heart is in tatters, all because of his once-again ex. Out of pure frustration, he takes matters into his own hands and gives boxing a try. All he gains is an injured hand, which needs the attention of a physical therapist.
David is overwhelmed and his heart is in denial over the sudden departure of the man he was in love with. As he tries to piece his life back together, a patient needing therapy walks into his clinic and the attraction is immediate; but the desire is not.
Can these two finally find a good relationship that will last and work this time around?

My Rating -  4 Stars!

This Time Around is a nice romance by SL Danielson.

Robert and David are both alone now that their boyfriends are together. Their relationship starts as therapist/patient, and slowly moves to more. 

They have a shared experience in their hurt and pain. They're two regular guys who long for love. Together, they bond over their backgrounds and can help ease each other's pain.

Robert and David make a cute couple, who just work well together.

SL Danielson's This Time Around is a good story of healing from heartbreak and finding love again.

PRE ORDER BLITZ - Nice Guys Don't Win (The Boys #2) by Micalea Smeltzer

Title: Nice Guys Don't Win Series: The Boys #2 Author: Micalea Smeltzer Genre: New Adult College Romance Release Date: May 19, 20...