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Hurricane Force Winds (Black Ops Heroes #3) by Kendel Duncan


When hurricane force winds hit – things happen fast. And for these six men, fast is an understatement…
Connor Braddock – CEO of Braddock Pharmaceuticals and the secret money-man and participant in deep black ops operations – and now newest financial backer of Drake Malone’s black ops team. That is until he’s kidnapped by….
Cain Perez – ‘Ghost’ as he’s known out in the field. The best at what he does – brutal, detached, a robot – ordered by his main backer to ‘shadow’ Connor for almost a decade – he makes a split-second decision when he finally has Connor Braddock within reach and kidnaps him without a reason why or a plan in place. What happens next between the two of them could only be described as out-of-control, intense and faster than the winds in a hurricane.

Trent Bishop – Connor Braddock’s body guard and former Navy Seal, he’s with Connor when he’s kidnapped but drugged and left in a car on the side of the road – mad at himself for being unable to stop the kidnapping and out of his mind with the feelings the drug has flowing through his system, combining with his total loneliness and meeting the totally hot stranger who comes to his rescue…..
Sky Montgomery – ATF agent on yet another suspension, he’s brought onto Drake Malone’s black ops team only to find, on his very first day, a passed out, incredibly sexy and in need of Sky’s help, Trent Bishop. When the two of them come together it’s dizzying, crazy, hot, intense and faster than the winds of a hurricane.

Diego Lopez – retired Army Ranger and now member of Drake Malone’s team, who, after a lifetime of empty, meaningless hookups with women begins to struggle as he questions himself, his life, his sexuality, his everything, until after another drunken night, fate has him passing out in the lap of one…
Andre Dyson – long-time friend of Connor Braddock and also one-third owner with Connor and Ben Braddock in a sex club called Sanity. Gorgeous blonde haired, blue eyed Australian surfer boy with an accent that will melt hearts, a face that will turn heads and a body that makes men gasp or weep…or sometimes both. When the beautiful, confused man passes out in his lap he’s immediately hit with the need to comfort and teach him until nothing but a smile graces his face. What happens next is consuming, seductive, sensual, patient and faster than the winds of a hurricane.

Three men whose hearts are torn open by forces outside of their control and then miraculously put back together by the three men who shelter them in the crazy world they find themselves in.
Warning: This book contains adult content, including hot man on man action. Not for anyone under 18. While this book ends with a storyline leading to the next book, it is not a cliffhanger for the characters above – they all get their HEA. The cliffhanger is for the characters in the next book in the series.

My Rating - 4 Stars!

Hurricane Force Winds is another fun book in Kendel Duncan's Black Ops series. 

As is consistent with this series, the sex is plenty. Multiples pairings, hot, steamy, and spicy. There is sex, sex, and more sex. Different couples in many places. 

Connor is fascinating. He's asexual and has never been attracted to someone before, but when he's drugged by Cain, he finds himself horny and highly attracted to his capture. Their story is fun and emotional as they fall in love under the most unique of circumstances. 

Bishop and Skye are in love, but face complications when they become partners. They have to deal with fears, insecurities, and risks. 

Billy and Ben are also a big part of this book, as we get to see them fall in love. It's emotional and tender. I enjoy Billy's fear and the fact that it's Ben's first time with a man.

Hurricane Force Winds is packed with non-stop action. It's damn impressive that among all the sex scenes, is an extremely detailed story. Kendel Duncan is amazing in being able to write so much into one book, let alone the series. There's humor, fun, action, suspense, and danger. Don't blink or you'll miss a lot. 

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