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The Brat and the Bossman (The Hedonist series Book 3) by Rebecca James


Kicked to the curb by his wealthy parents, Lake Adams works four jobs just to get by. When handsome Blaze Harrington walks back into his life, Lake doesn't have the time to flirt. Besides, the first time they had met, the sexy biker had turned Lake down. Now Blaze seems interested, but in more than just a one-nighter.
And Lake isn't boyfriend material.Ever since his older brother died, Blaze has run the Hedonist Motorcycle Club. He also owns a porn company, Hard Time Productions. When he decides to merge with another company, he's surprised to find his new business partner's PA is Lake Adams, the feisty, sharp-tongued young man Blaze had met at a party over a year ago. Blaze has come to terms with a lot of things since then and, after some initial uncertainty, wants to give dating Lake a try. But the guy's burning the candle at both ends and determined not to make things easy for Blaze. However, the more Blaze sees of Lake, the more he's convinced the man is worth the effort.
And Blaze is a determined man.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

As I've come to expect from Rebecca James' Hedonist Series, The Brat and the Bossman is a riveting and complex romance. 

It's always fun when a man discovers he's not as straight as he thought, which is exactly what happens to Blaze. He's the tough owner of a porn studio and is the leader of the Hedonists MC.

When he meets Lake, Lake is close to hitting rock bottom. Lake certainly can't survive much longer at the pace he's working, and with all the people he's in contact with daily.

Lake and Blaze are fantastic together. They're a compelling pair, who have a tough road to travel to be together. They're two men who are not only sweet together, but also hot.

Lake's background is fascinating. He's such a brave and courageous young man. He's been abused, assaulted and is still standing tall. He certainly isn't ready to accept Blaze's love, but he certainly can't resist the hot biker. After all, it's Blaze who keeps saving him. It's Blaze who's protecting him. It's Blaze who's making him feel. And it's Blaze who will make him realize he's strong and a survivor.

Overall, it's a tender tale of self-discovery, overcoming past trauma and issues, and taking chances on love. Blaze's discovery of being attracted to Lake, and his subsequent reactions are a whole lot of fun. I love the way he reacts and his ability to accept his sexuality. Lake's a wonderful character who I fell in love with immediately. Both the changes that take place in him and the growth he experiences are just delightful and impressive. 

Did I mention that Lake is a dancer, as in a pole dancer? Yeah, this leads to some sensual moments. 

The porn scenes are well written, and super intriguing. I can't wait to read more about Tony.

I love the Hedonist Series and look forward to seeing what happens next. Each book has drawn me in and hooked me until the end. They can be read as standalones, but are definitely more fun if read in order. 

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