Thursday, January 24, 2019

Heart of Us (Us #4) by A.M. Arthur


Charles “Chet” Greenwood has everything he’s ever wanted: a home, a stable business, and strong, loving relationships with his two boyfriends. In the year since he’s been with Cris and Jake, they’ve always agreed on one thing to keep their triad strong: communication is key. Which is why it hurts that lately Jake seems to be hiding something. Before Chet and Cris can find out what, a tragic phone call forces Chet and his nephew Dell to return to their Georgia hometown for a funeral—and to finally confront the bigoted family they left behind.

Jake Bowden never imagined he’d go from an exotic dancer to a professional cook in the space of a year, but here he is. He’s also secretly looking at top culinary schools, but the requirements are way beyond Jake’s abilities. And going to school could take him away from his boyfriends—which might actually be for the best. Chet and Cris have so much history together, are always in sync, and when Jake can’t get time off to support Chet, he feels even more like the odd man out.

Cris Sable knows something is going on with Jake, and he hates leaving Jake behind for two days to attend a funeral, but Chet and Dell need his support—especially with Dell’s own boyfriend unable to make the trip. Cris checks in with Jake constantly while they’re away, and even after their trio returns home, Cris knows something is still wrong. But it gets lost in the aftermath of an unbelievable secret reveal.

While in Georgia, Chet received shocking news about his own past that will change everything about his future, and it rocks their triad to its core. But Cris loves and believes in his men, and he will do everything in his power to keep their three hearts beating as one.

AUTHOR NOTE: This is an m/m/m romance with kinky three-way sex between consenting adults. The “Us” series is best read in numerical order.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

AM Arthur is one of my go-to authors. So many series that I have loved! And her Us Series is no different. Heart Of Us, book 4 in the series, is superb.

Chet, Christian and Jake. Sigh. This book centers mostly around Jake and his struggles with self-doubts and insecurities. I love this menage and the way they all support each other, especially when it's needed. A surprise loss ends up shaking their world, and they have to face the changes coming their way.

The sex scenes between Chet, Christian and Jake are amazing, as they are passionate, loving, and also kinky. And yes, we even get a fisting scene! Honestly, it doesn't get better than Chet and Christian fulfilling Jake's fantasy for him.

Dell and Taro also have some great moments in this book. They are facing some tough times, but they are doing it together. Dell's growth has been amazing, and it's so wonderful to see.  

I love this series. I love AM Arthur. And I love Heart of Us. It's fantastic how so many of her stories entwine and her writing style is always riveting, marvelous , and memorable.

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