Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Drake Malone (Black Ops Heroes #1) by Kendel Duncan


Fate –
A wonderful happenstance sometimes but other times it feels like a first class ticket on the crazy train and all you can do is laugh like a loon. Two people thrown together by fate’s fickle fingers:
Drake Malone – rookie CIA agent, grandson of a career CIA man who had told Drake stories when he was a boy about the beautiful girl he would save one day and now here Drake was with his first big case and whose face was staring back at him from the case folder? The granddaughter of his grandfather’s CIA partner – what are the odds of that? Dumb f-in luck or fate kicking him in the nut-sack?
Amalie Michaels – granddaughter of a CIA man who never told her what he did for a living because he wanted to protect her. Tough as nails and stronger than anything after losing both her parents at a young age. Holding a dangerous secret that she didn’t even know she had. And here she was staring at the man who had the exact same face and name as the man she dreamed up in her head when she was in high school who would come one day and heal her broken heart. How was it possible that he was real? Dumb f-in luck or fate bitch-slapping her?
Only time will tell if fate has dealt them a cruel hand or the chance of a lifetime.
Warning: Contains graphic sexual situations including M/F, M/M and M/M/F. Recommended for adults and people who love scorching hot love.
Not a cliffhanger - While this is the first in a series it is an HEA standalone whose characters will continue as secondary characters in other books.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Wow! Drake Malone is my first time reading a Kendel Duncan novel. If the rest of the Black Ops series is anything like this one, I will be devouring them all quickly.

It's a fantastic mix of MF, MM, and MMF relationships. It starts with Drake meeting Amalie when he's assigned to protecting her, and them having an instant attraction. When they do get together, it is hot! As for the danger, it is well written, and a little fun, as Amalie has no idea what's going on. 

We also get to follow as Drake's partner, Brent, hooks up with JD. Their story is fun and also sexy. The whole book is riveting, intriguing, and an entertaining ride. There's extra steamy moments between different parings, and it's deliciously fun. And it all builds up for what appears to be a fantastic series. I can't wait to indulge in the rest of the books. 

Drake Malone is written in a compelling style, with deep character development, a fun flow, and great twists and turns. I highly recommend it.

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