Wednesday, January 2, 2019

A Husband for Christmas by Beau Brown


Rider jones is almost thirty and recently dumped by his cheating ex. He’s an omega, and if you don’t have an alpha and a baby on the way at his age, your odds of ever finding domestic bliss are slim. He decides his only option is a matchmaker.

Jax Hamilton has grieved the loss of his college love for twenty-years. No one will ever replace what he had with Thomas, and he doesn’t even want to try. Unfortunately, the family name will die with him if he doesn’t produce and heir. He’s stalled as long as he can, but he’s forty-five and time is running out. He too decides his only choice is to use a matchmaker, so he can find a mate who understands this is purely a business arrangement.

When Rider and Jax meet, there’s undeniable chemistry between them. Jax is drawn to Rider and he pursues him, hoping the sexy omega will agree to his offer of an arranged marriage. While Rider is attracted to Jax, he’s not sure if he’s built for a loveless marriage.

Eventually Rider gives in. After all, the chance of having a family of his own is too tempting to pass up. He’s running out of options.

Once the two men are living in the same household, their attraction grows. Rider is confused by his need to connect to his new alpha, but Jax is still trying to keep him at arm’s length. Even though Jax is insisting the marriage is only a business deal, he can’t deny he’s feeling things for Rider he hasn’t felt for anyone in decades.

When Rider gets pregnant, things become even more confused as need and raw emotions run wild.

My Rating - 4 Stars!

Beau Brown's A Husband For Christmas is a good Christmas romance. 

Jax and Ryder enter a marriage of convenience, both for their own reasons. But, Ryder's looking for love, while Jax isn't. Jax needs an heir, but his ex husband died twenty years ago, leaving him lost in his guilt and grief. His story is touching and extremely emotional. 

Along the way, they have to deal with some meddling, but it's super sweet as Jax starts opening his heart again. Their relationship includes romance and is a nice slow-burn. I totally adored this tale.  The danger is easy to figure out, not really a mystery at all, but it doesn't distract from the fun of this story.

I definitely recommend A Husband For Christmas for any fan of mpreg. 


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