Saturday, January 26, 2019

Phoenix: The Heartwoods (He's The One #3) by Marissa Holt


Fate’s power can weld even the most reckless hearts together…
Phoenix Heartwood has built a wall around his heart his entire life, keeping love and any risk of associated pain outside the barrier.
When darkness settles over the town of Courtley in the form of a shady multi-millionaire named Zander who now controls a majority of properties including the Heartwood family home and business, Phoenix agrees to work for Zander as a means to protect his family and their interests.
A light soon brightens Phoenix’s life in the form of a beautiful guy named Gabriel, now residing at Zander’s estate…and who quickly begins chiseling away the wall surrounding Phoenix’s heart.
Uncontrollable desires and looming danger mix as Phoenix and Gabriel struggle to break from Zander’s grip, and Phoenix realizes there is one thing he may not be able to fight…his ultimate destiny with love.
Phoenix: The Heartwoods is a steamy Fated Lovers M/M Romance with a guaranteed HEA and is Book 3 of He’s The One Series. Can be read as a standalone. ***This book contains darker themes than the previous two in the series, including scenes of violence.*** 

My Rating - 5 Stars!

I am fairly new to Marissa Holt's books, but I am hooked. Phoenix: The Heartwoods is book three in the He's The One series, and it's fantastic.

It's a romance between Gabriel and Phoenix, but it's a dark tale for sure. Originally, Phoenix never planned on falling in love. Until he meets Gabriel.

This is a tale of wanting someone who's off limits, and risking everything for some stolen moments. It captures the beauty of trying to survive despite the odds.

Both men are stuck being under the control of the crooked and powerful Zander. Gabriel was saved from the streets by Zander, and Phoenix is forced into working for the man.  

But from his first glimpse, Phoenix is attracted to the gorgeous Gabriel. He's horrified that Gabriel is with Zander. Or at least, Phoenix thinks that's the case. 
For Gabriel, he's struck by Phoenix and the safeness he feels around him. He looks beyond what most people see, and starts seeing the real Phoenix.

In the end, they fall for each other, while trying to escape the danger they face.

The transformation in Phoenix is amazing. As Phoenix says, love changes you, as you want to be a better person for the one you love. Marissa Holt does a fantastic job of conveying the power of love. Sometimes it hits you in face, despite not wanting it.

Phoenix: The Heartwoods is an extremely entertaining and riveting book with a great flow. The whole He's The One series is terrific. 

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