Monday, January 21, 2019

Grounded by Teodora Kostova


A chance encounter.
A passionate night.
An intense connection.

When medical student Shane Sanford and RAF pilot Greg Becker meet the air between them sizzles with mutual attraction. There’s nothing holding them back as they give in to their desire. But once their paths lead them into a different direction, neither of them can forget the intense connection they’d shared.
When fate brings them together again a year later, they have a choice to make: try and make a long-distance relationship work or let this be a one-night stand again.With war, tragedy and fear standing in their way, can Shane and Greg overcome the challenges life keeps throwing their way?
Is their bond strong enough to survive?
Is love enough?

My Rating - 5 Stars!

I wish I could give Teodora Kostova's Grounded ten stars. Five just doesn't seem enough. I found myself completely invested in this story of true love from the start.

The romance between Greg and Shane begins with a hot hook-up. As the months go by, they can't stop thinking about one another. So, when they run into each other again, they want to make things work between them. Their relationship is long distance, but goes on for years. They are completely in love; they just have to keep saying goodbye.

They help each other through tragedies, pain, and loss. There are broken hearts, and some scenes that will have you bawling. And that's all before the big complications get in their way, as a tragedy sets them on a new path. As real gets in the way, they face even more pain. And more goodbyes.

Grounded is a terrific tale of need and longing. The writing is masterful, as it's riveting and compelling, having me feel every single feeling, every single emotion, and every single scene. It is absolutely sensational and memorable. Basically, just read it! And then thank Teodora Kostova for this powerful story.

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