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Storm Clouds Ahead (Black Ops Heroes #2) by Kendel Duncan


Three lost souls. Thrown together by chance, by circumstance, by life. Two men, one woman. Will they combine to make the perfect storm – creating havoc and destruction all around them, destroying everything they touch, including each other? Or will love prevail and give them what they need, what they desire, what they crave?
Raine Braddock – tough as nails Park Ranger with a heart bigger than the National Park that she lives in, but also a woman who knows what she needs to make her life complete – and that is more than one man to love her. She can’t seem to find men strong enough so she flounders alone, a lost soul in a big park.
Paddington ‘Mac’ McIntyre – Not your typical FBI agent – he’s got piercings, tons of tattoos and enough of an Irish temper to have gotten him into trouble more than his fair share of times. But he’s also got a dark past – a traumatic upbringing by a strict Catholic father has him fighting his true nature, his basic desire, his need – and it’s keeping him angry, confused, lost and unable to find the love that he so desperately needs in his life.
Storm Wilson – DEA agent who has never hid his bi-sexual nature from anyone, not even his co-workers, but with his career stalled as he’s bumped around from every crap case that his supervisor can seem to find, he’s re-thinking his choices and wondering what the hell he’s going to do with his completely lost, lonely, messed-up life.
A series of events: A murder, an opportunity, a chance – bring these lost souls together. Will the love that they find together be enough or will this stormy life try to rip them apart?

Warning – Contains adult subject matter, including graphic language and sex, including: m/f, m/m & m/m/f. It is NOT suitable for younger readers – parental discretion is advised.

Reader Advisory – While the main characters in this book do have an HEA, this is a cliffhanger involving some secondary characters. The secondary characters will go on to become the main characters in the next book in the series.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Storm Clouds Ahead is the second book in Kendel Duncan's Black Ops series, and it is HOT!

This book centers around Storm, Mac, and Raine. Their tale is thrilling, suspenseful and oh so steamy. It's fun watching them navigate their feelings while dealing with a whole lot of danger. 

The story is exciting and deep, and is written with a whole lot of humor and tenderness. Admittedly, there are parts of the story that I have to just agree to ignore, as they don't make sense, but I believe an author can take some creative liberties from time to time. 

Mac's background, and resulting struggles with his sexuality is abhorrent. I found my heart breaking so very much for this man and his pain.

I find Storm and Mac to be amazing together. I enjoyed every part of their tale. I wasn't so in love with Raine, but she's ok and adds a lot to the story. She's definitely a bad ass and her sass is fun. 

Overall, the Black Ops series is superb thus far. I am loving the feel we get for Ben and Billy so far and cannot wait to read their story. And as with any good series, I love getting to spend time with the previous characters.

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