Thursday, January 3, 2019

Separate Ways (Southern Comfort #5) by Julie Lynn Hayes, S.L. Danielson


Thanksgiving’s harmony turns out to be just the lull before the storm, as relationships begin to fall apart, beginning with Violet and Dylan. The presence of Clay’s mother, Brandi Wine, in New Liberty, is quickly becoming a bone of contention between the four boys. Mark and Todd don’t think she’s so bad, while Clay and Blake want nothing to do with her or her cockamamie reality show.

A family crisis draws Todd and his mother to Atlanta, and when they return, the news isn’t good, and decisions must be made. Blake and Clay face their own crisis when big mouths callously reveal secrets not meant to be shared. Todd’s relationship with Taylor has grown, despite the revelation that she is transgendered. But her psyche is fragile, and unable to bear the weight of Todd’s censure when he decides to withdraw his support. The aftermath of his words will shatter everyone’s world.

Sometimes you have to agree to disagree, and go your separate ways.

My Rating - 4 Stars!

Separate Ways is the final book in the Southern Comfort series by Julie Lynn Hayes and SL Danielson. 

As usual, there's a plethora of things going on with this group of teenagers. There's break-ups, fights, family issues, and college plans. This story fully illustrates change. 

And yes, Brandi is back to cause more trouble.

But more than anything, I am still reeling over the Taylor situation. I never expected this and am still upset. The following guilt, grief and result is life-altering. I love Taylor and am so sad about this twist.

I can honestly say that this series took twists and turns I never expected when I started book one. But, after everything, there's no way they could have all remained close. 

I also have to admit to never really liking Violet. 

In the end, I was disappointed, as some horrific things were said, and they did things I didn't like. I still liked the series though and am glad to have read it. 

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