Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Racing into Love (Cut to the Feeling Book 1) by Noah Steele


Aiden Reed is stuck in a major boy rut.

Every date ends in something worse than disaster—boredom.

That is, until star racer Derrek Luna crashes the end of a terrible date at Aiden’s cozy bookstore. Derrek’s confident charm and killer good looks throw Aiden’s quiet, cautious world into chaos when he says he wants a shot at Aiden’s heart.

Derrek is sure Aiden is different. He’s sure Aiden won’t just vanish without a word. Not like the others did. But the closer Derrek gets to the man who charmed him without a word from across a crowded room, the more his life on the track threatens to keep them apart.

Aiden is ready to take the risk—he thinks.

What if Aiden’s panic attacks scare Derrek away?

What if Derrek’s ghosts come back to haunt him?

…what if it doesn’t matter because they’re already in love?

Racing into Love is a gay instalove romantic drama ready and waiting to take you from zero to sixty with every turn of the page.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

It's exciting to discover a novel by a debut author that I absolutely love. And, in Racing Into Love, by Noah Steele, I found just that. 

Aiden and Derrek fall for each other quickly, after meeting in Aiden's bookstore. As much as I enjoy their insta-love story, it's the other stuff that left me really excited. There's emotions, drama, action, danger, and more. 

One of my favorite parts is actually Aiden's relationship with his best friend. It's written in a compelling manner, adds to the drama, and wraps up nicely.

Aiden's panic attacks are written with knowledge and care. They are realistically handled, with the readers able to feel the stress radiating off of him. 

And Aiden and Derrek, themselves, are a great couple who compliment each other. They are complete opposites who definitely make for a fabulous couple. They both are understanding, caring and willing to sacrifice things for the other. They are hot together, as well as sweet. 

I am definitely impressed with Noah Steele's writing in Racing Into Love. I know I will definitely be checking out his future books, hoping they are just as good. In addition, I'll be crossing my fingers that we get more of Aiden and Derrek.

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