Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Fired Up (Fever Falls #1) by Riley Hart


If there’s one thing I know, it’s how to play the game…both on and off the field. If it hadn’t been for that one teenage slipup where I kissed Beau Campbell, I’d be able to keep fooling myself. Football is the one thing I use to distract myself from the truth, and when I screw-up and lose the game I love, I find myself right back in Fever Falls. And right back face-to-face with Cranky Campbell, who hates me even more than he did when we were kids. Whatever magic he held over me then is still there. As much as I fight it, I still want him. And I always get what I want…well, except with Beau, who constantly calls me on my crap. Why do I like that so much?

I might’ve spent years watching Ash live out my dream—without the off-field antics and orgies with women, at least—but I’ve made a good life for myself. I’m a firefighter, and I coach my brother’s football team for those with developmental disabilities. But when Ash swings back into town armed with his monster ego and an arsenal of stupid nicknames, everyone is in awe of him. Nope, not me. I don’t care if our kiss years ago was responsible for my sexual awakening. I won’t fall for Ashton Carmichael. Though that resolution would be a whole lot easier if he wasn’t so tempting. Once he finds his way into my bed, I’m screwed—in more ways than one. But there’s more to Ash than meets the eye, buried beneath his ego, sarcasm and how we burn up the sheets together. Soon, it’s more than a game. We don’t just get each other fired up, we just might win each other’s hearts.

Too bad things are never that simple…

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Riley Hart's Fired Up is the first book in what appears to be another amazing series, Fever Falls. It's a beautiful story of an athlete who lived for his sport, trying to move on and discovering who he is, now that he's no longer playing.

From the beginning of his time back in Fever Falls, I love Ash's view on fame. I love that a part of him feels uncomfortable with his fame. He's more down to earth than he appears in the press and his vulnerability makes him so damn likeable and nice.  

And Beau. Sweet, sweet Beau. Beau's relationship with his brother is amazing. No one pushes him to always be there for Kenny, which makes it so much more meaningful. He's not only sacrificed his career for Kenny, but he's also involved in all the day to day things. 

Ash longs to be just Ash, not Ashton, the ex football player. His fame comes with a lot of down sides, including being used by so many people. He finds himself full of confusion, loneliness, and fear, as he's lost trying to live without football.

Together, Ash and Beau are a special couple. Their connection is strong and their past bonds them deeply.

Linc is fun and is a great addition to the story. He's refreshing and I love his sass and banter.

Riley Hart does a wondeful job with writing Kenny and all of his differences. He's written with knowledge, love and care. And the fact that Ash treats Kenny with respect is endearing.

Fired Up is an accomplished tale that I highly recommend. As usual, Riley Hart manages to captivate her readers with a complex story involving some wonderfully developed characters. The growth of these men through the story is spectacular, and I enjoy getting some glimpses into their past.

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