Saturday, January 26, 2019

Undercover Omega (Billionaire Alphas #2) by Skye R. Richmond, Rheland Richmond


It was the most emotional time of his life. His papa couldn’t stop crying, his father told him exactly what to do, so he wouldn’t ruin his life. The sire of his child, an alpha Riley had naively trusted is nowhere to found.
When the pressure gets too much, sixteen-year-old Riley agrees he’s too young to raise his child, so he signs away his rights and gives him to a loving couple chosen by his parents, leaving a void in his life that can never be filled…
What happens when the perfect opportunity to raise his child presents itself… even if it means going undercover as the nanny.
All Grayson has ever wanted was a family of his own, after growing up with self-involved parents. The first chance he gets he says yes, but to the wrong omega.
Max, the child he always wanted. Riley, the omega he never expected. Almost too perfect to be true? Finally the family he always wanted. Or is it? What happens when Grayson finds out the secret Riley has been hiding?
Can the family and love they’ve found withstand the truth coming out? 

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Undercover Omega is a fun romance by Skye Richmond. 

Riley had to give his baby up for adoption, but has been keeping an eye on him as he's growing. When Grayson needs a new nanny for Max, Riley applies.

I love the way Riley and Grayson naturally drift towards each other. Grayson's immediately drawn to the younger omega, and he's also thrilled with how much he trusts Riley with his son. Both men fight their attraction for a bit though. 

Their sexual moments are hot, as well as tender. But the secret of Riley being Max's birth father is looming over them.

Max is cute. And I enjoy the way he speaks. Love him! The author perfectly captures this age group. 

Undercover Omega is a sweet book. There's romance, heat, and some sweet family moments. So far this series has been great. I'm excited to read the next one!

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