Monday, January 28, 2019

The Accidental Everything (Nerds Who Knot) by Amy Bellows


Some omegas go to clubs to pick up alphas. Isaac Evans cruises his poetry readings. It’s not the most professional choice, but what’s a horny omega to do?

He doesn’t mean to have sex with Rhett Donovan of the Donovan Poetry Fellowship—the prestigious grant he dreamed of receiving before he slept with the alpha who awards it. And when Rhett gives him a unique career opportunity, Isaac doesn’t mean to fall in love. If anyone found out about his relationship with Rhett, it could mean a career-ending scandal for them both.

He doesn’t mean to get pregnant either. His life is full of accidents.

After Isaac’s made every possible mistake, he has nothing but his poetry to keep him afloat. But in the game of love, poetry might be enough.

The Accidental Everything is a 24,000-word, nonshifter Omegaverse story featuring Mpreg, knotting, and adorable dads. It is an M/M romance intended for an 18+ audience.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

The Accidental Everything, by Amy Bellows, is as wonderful as the it's cover. 

Isaac and Rhett are fantastic main characters, who are well developed in this short story. In a mere 88 pages, there is a whole lot of depth added to these men, making them relatable and likeable.

Isaac's a strong omega, who's determined to live the way he wants and needs, despite objections from his family. I love that he is open and unashamed of his sexuality, and his need to have sex and talk about sex, and that he uses his poetry in the manner he does.

Rhett is such a loveable alpha who is open about his feelings. He's rich and is willing to do anything for Isaac. 

Both men are sweet, and together they are absolutely adorable. 

The Accidental Everything is full of heat and emotions. This is Amy Bellows' debut novel and I am excited to see what comes next in this series. 

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