Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Cause and Effect (Casus Fortuitus #3) by Brooke Edwards


In the aftermath of a psychopath's obsession-fuelled murder spree through New York, Detective Daniel Callahan feels like he's been hit by a wrecking ball. It turns out that watching your best friend and your boss fall in love only to nearly lose it all takes a toll on a guy's emotional stability.

Peter Saracen has an out-of-control crush on the belligerent detective who seems to want nothing more than to toss him into a cell and throw away the key. When the body of an unidentified gang member is pulled from the East River and an old nemesis breaks out of prison, Peter finds himself on a whole new collision course with Daniel.

The line between personal and professional begins to blur. The dangers of the present take aim at the fragile possibility of Daniel and Peter's happily-ever-after, while ghosts of the past threaten the deepening bond between Daniel's boss James Carter and Assistant US Attorney, Derek Moore. With everything against them, there might not be any coming back from this.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Upon reading Cause and Effect, I am once again reminded of Brooke Edwards' brilliance.

Cause and Effect is an amazing thriller. And oh, how I enjoy Daniel and Peter! We also get to know a ton about Derek and James, which is fantastic.

Peter is such a complex character, and is fascinatingly human, aka flawed. I love the dynamics between Daniel and Peter. They compliment one another so well.

As for Derek and James, if this was real life, I'd give them my own money to go on a secluded vacation.

All in all, Cause and Effect (and the whole series) should be made into an action movie. It's thrilling, riveting, and full of action. Brooke Edwards absolutely excels at writing detailed events, complex situations, and wonderful characters. Her writing style is perfect for this type of novel. She blends action with emotions, danger with humor, and suspense with wit. She will keep you on the edge of your seat. Be sure not to read when you're not going to be distracted. If you miss one thing, you'll be missing a lot.

And now I need to dive into Book 4 to see what happens next!

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