Sunday, January 27, 2019

Trusting Him (Bromley Brothers #1) by Laura N. Andrews


This out and proud event coordinator is about to pursue a man he knows could break his heart. But David Rossi isn’t a man he can stay away from.
Event coordinator Trey Bromley is the youngest of three brothers and is out and proud. The last thing he’s looking for is a man who doesn’t know what he wants.

After a chance meeting with David Rossi, a security guard who has recently discovered his bisexuality, Trey begins to question exactly what he wants and how much he’s prepared to bend his own rules.

My Rating - 5  Stars!

Trusting Him, the first book in Laura N Andrews' Bromley Brothers series, is amazing. Best of all, it's set in Australia!

Trey and David are a great couple, who's hookup leads to so much more. Their fantastic story is one of finding someone to love and trust after having your trust broken. It's a tough road for them, but it's worth all of it.

One of my favorite parts is the way David asks so different in front of Trey. It's adorable how the brothers keep mentioning that. It's fun, and sweet.

It's a fun and sexy tale. The characters are superb and well developed. I love the plot and the pace flows nicely. It also has some great secondary characters. All of the Bromley Brothers are interesting, entertaining, and funny. I love the sense of family. They are all gay or bisexual, and they all live together. 

Laura N Andrews is a new-to-me author who I will definitely be reading again. Trusting Him is definitely a recommended read, and I can't wait for the next book in the series. In the meanwhile, I will be looking at her prior books.

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