Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Inked in Vegas (Heathens Ink #6) by K.M. Neuhold


“We’re going to be married in a week. You’re going to be my husband, and we’re going to live happily ever after.” ~Madden

It feels like I’ve been waiting to marry Thane my entire life. And with our big day only a week away, our friends insist on a bachelor party in Vegas.

An outrageous scavenger hunt, an unexpected trip to the altar, and a wild night with an ex-boyfriend. You know we don’t do anything half-assed.

***This is a multi-POV novella with lots of sexy times (including one MF and one MMF scene). Unlike the rest of the Heathens Ink series, this one CANNOT be read as a standalone.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

As if I didn't already love KM Neuhold's Heathen's Ink series, she then gifts us with Inked In Vegas, the sixth book in this fabulous series. 

From the beginning, the humor, sass, and antics are fantastic, as the group heads to Vegas for Madden and Thane's Bachelor Party.

They deal with facing nightmares, sobriety, exes, and more. There are plane antics, an hysterical scavenger hunt, and some surprises for all. And of course, since they are all together in this book, we get a plethora of sex scenes. If nothing else, you have to read this just for the naked proposal!

Honestly, Inked In Vegas is an exquisite combination of all the fantastic men in this series. They are all a large part of this story and seeing them have fun together makes for an enjoyable read. 

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