Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Kissing the Teacher (Valentine’s Inc. #3) by Nora Phoenix


Valentine's Inc. Book 3

Hagen didn't want to be Baxter's Dom. He wanted to be his Daddy.

College professor Hagen St. Croix is done with his life as a Dom since his two previous boys left him. When his former club organizes an event, he wants to go...but not alone. He finds a date-for-hire through the Valentine's Inc. app, but he's shocked when his date turns out to be his sexy student Baxter Lafelle, and even more shocked by the feelings Baxter evokes in him.

When tragedy strikes for Baxter, Hagen realizes that he doesn't want to be his Dom. He wants to be his Daddy... But will Baxter let him? And what happens when their contract is up?

Kissing the Teacher is a full-sized (73k words), sexy and sweet MM romance with daddy kink, a May/December relationship, and a very happily ever after. It's part of the Valentine's Inc. series but can be read as a stand alone, since these books are only connected through a shared premise.


My Rating - 5 Stars!

Kissing the Teacher, by Nora Phoenix, is a fabulous Student/Teacher romance. As usual, Nora just gets this one right!

If you're hesitant to read Student/Teacher relationships, or Daddy kink, this is the perfect introduction for you. Despite revolving heavily among these tropes, it is truly a story of finding oneself, and overcoming one's past. It's absolutely enchanting. 

Baxter and Hagen are student and teacher, struggling to discover what they need from each other. Ends up that Hagen needs to be a daddy and Baxter needs a daddy.

I love them together. I love how Hagen slowly learns more about Baxter and feels the need to help him. It's also fantastic the way that Hagen learns more about himself. I love the way Baxter feels when he's being taking care of by his daddy. The writing perfectly captures the needs and wants of being in a daddy relationship. They are a hot couple together, with some sizzling scenes. 

The way that Hagen cares for Baxter is heart-warming, as he is so in tuned to his needs. And Baxter's struggles are down right heart-breaking. Seeing him fall for Hagen, without wanting to use him is endearing. 

The pace of this story is so wonderful, as it's a slow burn romance, where they really get to know each other well, and themselves. The complication of them being teacher and student develops in a great way, as it's sweet, instead of being full of angst.

As usual, Nora Phoenix has brought together two men who change so much over the course of the story. I love Kissing The Teacher, and I love all her books. 

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