Saturday, January 19, 2019

Jaxon: The Heartwoods (He's The One #2) by Marissa Holt


A single kiss can shatter the boundaries of friendship…

Jaxon Heartwood spent the last nine months living in Atlanta, questioning everything he thought he knew about himself. After being dragged back to his hometown of Courtley by his brother to help run their family store, Jaxon can no longer shake the conflicting emotions spurred up inside him. And he placed the blame on one person…his best friend, Brooks…who hadn’t communicated with him since they both left Courtley.

Once Brooks left for college, Jaxon fled Courtley to escape his life there, and most of all to escape the feelings Brooks ignited between them…the night Brooks kissed Jaxon. Both guys have now returned home and Brooks is still troubled over Jaxon’s reaction to their kiss which caused a rift in their friendship. Now they must face their true feelings and undeniable attraction for one another…

As secret desires heat up to scorching levels between Jaxon and Brooks, hiding passion in a small town like Courtley might prove easier said than done.

Jaxon -The Heartwoods is a steamy Friends To Lovers M/M Romance with a guaranteed HEA. It is Book 2 of He’s The One Series but can be read as a standalone.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

I absolutely love Marissa Holt's Jaxon: The Heartwoods, the second book in her He's The One series. It's a riveting friends to lovers story, with two fantastic main characters. 

Jaxon and Brooks are both back in town, but things are awkward between these two best friends. They haven't spoken in a while, since a drunken kiss. 

They have some fun obstacles in their way. Brooke's sister is hot for Jaxon and making the moves. She's also trying to hook her friend up with Brooks. Once they give into their feelings, they face sneaking around, and some distance issues they need to content with. Overall, they make a wonderful couple, as adding sex to their friendship just makes their relationship stronger.

Marissa Holt's writing style is great, with everything flowing nicely, and a wonderful plot. Jaxon: The Heartwoods is one those stories that leaves me with a smile on my face throughout. I love Jaxon and Brooks, and I love them together. 

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