Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Hard Tackle (Worth the Weight #2) by Jason Collins



Never thought I’d tackle football again, much less love.

We used to be teammates until we lost touch. Now Mason’s a trainer with a sculpted body, and a plan too tempting to turn down: I’ll fix up his truck, and he’ll be my private personal trainer.

But his truck isn’t the only thing I want to get my hands on.

It figures we’d cross paths right before our high school reunion. When the old team organizes a reunion football game, I realize I’m not as comfortable with my body as I thought.

I’m not so fast or fit anymore, and I could shed a few pounds. Mason thinks I’m perfect, but this game is personal for me. I want to bring my best body to the field—and his bedroom. I’ll show him a real hard tackle.

The game is on, and I’m wide open for Mason.


I see an opening for Tyler, and I’m not passing it up.

I went from quarterback to personal trainer, so I know a thing or two about good bodies. And Tyler? Well, his looks flawless to me. He’s worried a little extra weight will hold him back on the football field, so I’ve jumped at the chance to train him.

And if that means we’ll be alone in the locker room, then bring the heat.

Tyler isn’t just a feast for my eyes. He’s a kind man with an honest heart, and I want him to feel as good about his body as I do. We’ve got each other’s backs on the field, and in my bedroom.

But love tackles hard, and I’m playing for keeps.

This is the second book in the Worth the Weight series. It can be enjoyed as a standalone with no cliffhanger. Readers can expect a steamy MM romance with two red-hot men and several scenes that will leave you gasping. Heat level: 10.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Jason Collins' Hard Tackle is a fun romance involving two former high school teammates, second chances, and a high school reunion.

Fifteen years ago, Mason and Tyler were teammates, but they certainly weren't friends. Now they find themselves getting to know one another, as they help each other. Mason's helping Tyler work out, and Tyler's fixing up Mason's beloved truck.

They make a great couple who are smoking hot together with their undeniable chemistry. Mason's reaction to Tyler fixing his truck is emotional, as this is the ultimate gift to Mason. It's beautiful and touching. As for Tyler, as they work out, it's exciting and romantic that Mason tells him he's perfect as he is. 

Their story is one of desire, longing and need. It's well written with a great pace. The author perfectly uses a small town to create this fantastic series with small town feel and charm. 

Hard Tackle revolves around a man who's never left room in his life for love, as he finally finds someone worth letting into his life. It's fun, entertaining, and a delightful story. I definitely recommend it. 

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