Sunday, January 6, 2019

Oath Of Valor (Personal Protectors #3) by Brittany Cournoyer


If asked, Larry Armstrong would say that failure isn’t in his DNA, but you only have to look at his relationship with his son to know it’s a lie. Going undercover to catch the country’s worst criminals is far easier than fixing the mistakes he’s made with Brice. It didn’t help his situation any when he unknowingly sleeps with his son’s best friend.

If asked, Elliot Pritchard would say that he has a type, and its name is Trouble. From hookups gone wrong to being in the wrong place at the wrong time, Elliot can’t catch a break. After a brutal attack nearly kills him, he finds himself staying with the last person he ever expected to—Larry.

Complicated doesn’t begin to describe the situation the two men find themselves in, and things only get harder when Elliot witnesses a violent crime and needs Larry’s expertise to keep him alive. Tempers and tension build as Larry and Elliot try to ignore the chemistry burning between them, but they’d have a better chance of finding a snowball in hell. The two men realize they could have something special if not for two important things: Brice’s feelings and a madman with Elliot in his sights.

Oath of Valor is Book 3 of the Personal Protectors series. It is intended for a mature audience with adult situations and language.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Oath Of Valor is another amazing addition to the Personal Protectors series by Brittany Cournoyer.

This whole series is intense, riveting and completely satisfying. I'm extremely impressed by Brittany's ability to engage the reader from page one all the way through the end. I love this world that she's created, the people in it and the storylines. 

Oath Of Valor is as fantastic as it gets. It's full of humor, great guys and sizzling chemistry mixed with danger and suspense. 

These two are a compelling couple. The dynamics between them are fun, full of banter and sizzle. They are sweet together, and are a perfect May to December and Best Friend's Father couple. 

The danger is wonderfully written, as it's riveting, and adds perfectly to the relationship between Larry and Elliot. It keeps you on your toes without dragging you down.

Oath Of Valor is an endearing book that I highly recommend. I loved every damn second of it and am completely in love with this series. 

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