Monday, January 28, 2019

The Bodyguard (Worth the Weight #3) by Jason Collins



Romance is a part I’ve been playing for years, but love is a new role.

After an awkward interview leaves me self-conscious about my weight, I need some time away from the celebrity spotlight. I’ve always played the heartbreaker on screen, but I want to be as happy with my body as my fans are.

Winchester is the perfect place for some soul-searching—and waist-trimming. But I need security to keep the paparazzi off my back, and Marshall’s a perfect fit. As long as I can keep my eyes off my straight bodyguard and the buttered biscuits, I’ll be fine.

But when he makes the first move, those labels get fuzzy. Marshall is a stoic man who’s hard to read, but there’s no mistaking his rough, warm touch as we fog the windows of the cozy lake house. Turns out, he’s a perfect fit in more ways than one.

My bodyguard is more than meets the eyes—lucky he’s the one thing I can feast them on.


He’s under my protection, and I’m not letting this star out of my gaze.

Babysit a spoiled Hollywood actor, chase off some paparazzi, live in a lake house—it should all be easy, and I could use the extra money. I’m not usually aggressive, but people call me a “big tank” for a reason: they know I’m not a pushover, so they don’t try me. And when I need to release some tension, I keep my thoughts strictly off my clients.

Until Jesse.

I can’t tear my eyes off him. He might steal hearts on stage, but he doesn’t need a TV show to steal mine. It’s the first time I’ve ever looked at a man this way, and I want to tempt him into something unprofessional.

Leaving my past behind won’t be easy, but Jesse’s making it hard to look back.

This actor’s so captivating, I can’t think straight.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Jason Collins is one of the authors I can count on for an enjoyable book. The Bodyguard is the third book in his Worth The Weight series, and I love it.

Jesse's a Hollywood actor who hires Marshall to be his bodyguard. The sexual tension and heat between the two is high. 

Jesse and Marshall certainly make no sense together, but they are a fantastic couple. Marshall's desire for Jesse is intense and all consuming. His dominate attitude in the bedroom is sexy and hot.

It's beautiful the way that Jesse helps Marshall to go outside his comfort zone. In turn, Marshall inspires Jesse to his the best version of himself in all the important ways. 

I absolutely adore Marshall's mom. She's wonderful and it goes to show why Marshall is such an amazing man.

As with the entire Worth The Weight series, the small town is a perfect setting and adds immensely to the tale. Best of all, I love the small town comparison to Hollywood that Jesse experiences. 

In this series, weight is always an issue. In this case, Jesse is trying to watch his weight and get into better shape. He's a victim of the Hollywood attitude and is fully aware of the camera adding 10 pounds. 

The Bodyguard is a fantastic Bodyguard/Celebrity romance, where each find what they never knew they needed. It's super sweet, tender, and romantic. In typical Jason Collins fashion, the characters are interesting and well developed, with a great story to tell and some wonderful personal growth.

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