Monday, January 7, 2019

A Loving Lie by Crista Crown


An Mpreg Romance.

In the small resort town of Smokes, love is always burning…

When Colton Levine got down on one knee to propose to his long-term girlfriend, he saw his future clearly: engagement, finish medical school, wedding, a few years of residency, house, 2.5 kids. In that order.

It only took pulling one piece for the entire vision to crumble.

Left reeling by the revelation that his girlfriend had been cheating on him the whole time, he loses focus and ends up failing every class of his last semester of medical school. Lost and alone, he heads home to try to reclaim his sense of self, and to figure out if it’s still worth it to pursue any of his dream.

Zach Hart had always thought his best friend’s little brother, Colton, was cute, but holy smokes had he grown up hot! Zach would have never dreamed of making a move on straight Colton, but when Colton makes a move on him… well, he’s not going to say no to fulfilling two of his secret fantasies. Seducing the straight guy and his best friend’s brother? It’s a tempting combo, and Zach’s not that strong.

Their fling reminds Colton that his worth isn’t tied to another person, and he heads back to med school with a renewed sense of purpose, though his belief in himself is still fragile.

Then Zach finds out he’s pregnant, and the baby could only be Colton’s. He’s stunned to realize he’s fallen for Colton, and he’ll do anything to protect the other man and his dreams, even if it means raising their baby on his own.

But a baby can’t be kept secret forever, not in a town as small as Smokes. Not when a newly licensed Dr. Colton Levine returns, stirring up emotions Zach thought he’d buried years ago.

This is the first in a contemporary mpreg trilogy of three brothers finding love in the small town of Smokes, where the embers of love burn deeply, but never die. Warning! This book contains adult situations, with adults doing adult-only things, so 18+ readers only

My Rating - 4 Stars!

A Loving Lie is a fun and a cute mpreg romance. And better yet, it includes some fun tropes - best friend's brother and secret baby.

I am such a sucker for this type of book. They are sweet together, and I love how they resolved everything in the end. Yes, things were resolved way too quick, but that just means less angst, which is welcome at times. And they are super adorable as a couple.

If you enjoy a good mpreg, don't miss out on this one. 

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