Monday, January 21, 2019

A Cousin to Kiss by Geoffrey Knight


When Oliver Chambers attends the wedding of his sister, Alison, the last thing he expected was to be hit with a wave of desire at the sight of his cousin Caleb, someone he hasn’t seen since childhood. But the forbidden feelings swirling through Oliver seem to be given a helping hand from beyond, as he receives a long lost note from his late great Aunt April, addressed to him. It reads:

‘Be bold with your love. Be brave with your actions. Be honest to your heart. I’ll make certain God’s not watching.’

But Oliver isn’t the only one who received such a letter from his great aunt. It seems Caleb just received the same note to follow his heart too.

In a steamy tale of forbidden love, two cousins are about to find out what it means to be bold, brave and honest to their hearts in this sizzling, short, taboo romance.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

A Cousin To Kiss is a perfect little short taboo love story. This Geoffrey Knight gem is a hot romance between two cousins. If you like cousin romances, be sure to read this one. 

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