Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Ten (Love by Numbers Book 1) by Tia Fielding


A Love by Numbers Story

Can two broken men build one life?

Ten years.

That’s what Makai lost for a crime he didn’t commit. He’s been exonerated, but the abuse he suffered in prison isn’t so easy to leave behind. He heads to the one place he remembers being happy: Acker, Wisconsin, where he spent summers with his grandpa. Unfortunately, not everyone wants Makai there.

Ten days.

That’s how long Emil, now twenty-one, was held prisoner as a teenager. The mental and physical injuries he suffered at the hands of a drug trafficking ring still haunt him.

Nightmares, anxiety, and PTSD challenge the connection forming between Makai and Emil, though together, they might find a way to move beyond their pain and into a future—and a relationship—that both had thought impossible.

Now they just have to convince Emil’s father, the town sheriff. It won’t be easy with danger closer than they know….

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Tia Fielding's Ten is a remarkable book, with a tone that had me immediately invested.

Both men are so broken, having endured tragic situations through no fault of their own. Emil's has been through hell.  And Makai spent 10 years in jail for a crime he didn't commit.

The slow burn in this story is exceptionally written, as the two men come together slowly and naturally, get closer and eventually fall in love. It's beautiful and tender.

One aspect that I find wonderful is that of Joey, with his immediate reaction to Makai being priceless.

He wasn't looking for someone but he found a beautiful soul, and both men help the other to heal, as well as live again. It's exquisite to watch the transformation of these two men. 

And, do not forget Mouse and the kittens!!

Ten is an emotional ride that I loved. It's a exquisite tale of love, growth and trust and I highly recommend it.

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