Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Boiling Point (Brooklyn Boys #3) by E. Davies



My double life is crumbling around me. Denying who I am isn’t fair on anyone: the girls I tried so hard to date, the guys I’m too afraid to flirt with, or my family who don’t know the truth. I’m afraid of coming out to my mom—but if I don’t, I’ll remain in fear that she’ll find out from someone else. I’m torn between expectation and truth, and I’m not sure I can keep hiding behind a cocky grin.

I’m not ready for the gorgeous guy who challenges me in my own diner. His every word turns me on, and I’m drawn to him like a moth to flame, but if I get so close that anyone finds out, we’re both going to end up burned.


I’m too clumsy to hold onto anything good. Everything I touch breaks, and now I’m dependent on my ex’s good graces. He runs our urban gardening charity, and his dad pays my rent. I do the dirty work, which is all I’m good for: I dig holes and plant seeds. Standing up for myself feels impossible, so I start easy. At least, it was supposed to be.

The cocky cook who couldn’t crisp up my bacon sure crisped up my sausage. Everyone knows closeted guys are a risk, and I’m great at scaring people away. But Ricky gives me the strength to be me, and I can’t stop falling for him. Not even chipped Brooklyn sidewalks can stop true love blooming.

Boiling Point is book three in the Brooklyn Boys series, where good men find their happily ever afters in a hectic metropolis. It has an HEA and no cliffhanger. There will be awkward first times, cops at the door, hiding in thrift store racks, a trouble-making bouquet, a mama’s boy coming home, and an uncontrolled flame.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

With Boiling Point, E Davies has a way of bringing some light hearted humor into a serious subject. This book is a fantastic addition to the Brooklyn Boys series.

Ricky and Cedar meet over some limp bacon. Yes, seriously! From there, we have some more funny moments, along with some struggles. We see these superb men face their fears and insecurities in a touching manner.

Ricky's been hiding in the closet, trying not to upset his mother. Now, with Cedar, he's ready to embrace his sexuality. As he struggles with doing anything sexual, Cedar manages to help him relax and gives him time to get used to things. I love how patient and caring Cedar is about Ricky's inexperience.

Meanwhile, for Cedar, he's shocked, and thrilled, by the way Ricky acknowledges him. While he suffers from the effects of Cerebral Palsy, he rarely finds someone who's supportive. His ex was one who made sure to belittle him for his condition and unfortunately, he still works for him. Ricky's reaction to Cedar's condition is the complete opposite. Ricky makes me feel like an equal in every way, which is wonderful and inspirational.

Both Ricky and Cedar experience significant transformations as a result of their relationship. It's fantastic to see Ricky come out and be his true self, as it's a weight off his shoulder. And Cedar starts to believe in himself and tries to get out from under his ex's negativity.  

Boiling Point is a beautiful story. E Davies had me feeling all the feels. I laughed, I worried, I smiled, and I came close to shedding a few tears. This is an amazing contribution to the Brooklyn Boys series. 

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