Sunday, January 27, 2019

Where it all Began: Manx Cat Guardians Origins (The Manx Cat Guardians #1) by J.P. Sayle


The King of the otherworld, Manannán, witnessing changes to how the love between those who chose differently was being accepted, intervened. Wanting the world to have love and hope eternally, ensuring that soulmates connected without restrictions regardless of the person they chose to love, he created the Manx Cat Guardians.

Maximillian, born in the eleventh century, King of his kind, he struggled to always follow the rules King Manannán had laid down. Given no choice about his destiny like his fellow guardians, he’d been granted a Wiccan guide to aid him.

Never having had any problems with his past charges, Maximillian finds himself struggling to get his current charge, King Óláfr the Black, to accept his soulmate Magnus, a lowly servant. The connection is strong between them, but the changing times that Manannán witnessed and the introduction of Christianity had Óláfr struggling to accept his soulmate.

Ignoring the dire warning from Christina, his Wiccan guide, about interfering, Maximillian finds himself creating ripples from his actions with untold consequences that cause devastation. As he is left to wander this earth, his role irrevocably changed by his actions. He must now ensure promises that were made are honoured, no matter the length of time that passes.

Can he help fulfil those promises made by another without breaking the rules again? Or will the souls searching for love be destined to never find each other?

Only time will tell.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

JP Sayle's Manx Cat Guardians Series is wonderful and fascinating. Where It All Began explains how the Manx Cat Guardians came into existance, but focuses on the guardian cat, Max. 

Sent to oversee King Olafr and his soulmate, Magnus, Max interferes when Olafr refuses to accept that Magnus, a servant, is his soulmate. The result will leave you crying and your heart hurting. This part of the story is absolutely gut-wrenching, as we see the pain and tragedy involved with same sex relations during the eleventh century.

We also learn how and why Max is now the bearer of two souls, trying to reunite them, setting the stage for the rest of the series.

I read this book last year and was impressed with the creativity that JP Sayle brings into this book/series. Now I am re-reading them, with extreme excitement, after learning more about them from JP herself. I had assumed that they were completely fictional, which of course they are. However, I had no idea that on The Island Of Mann, there is a long history of Manx cats in folklore and mythology. This brings a whole new aspect to the series for me, and I'm excited to re-read them.

Where It All Began is an excellent beginning for the series, and I love it. JP Sayle's writing is emotional and riveting in this powerful tale. I am not a fan of the fantasy genre in general, but this series definitely fascinates me. 

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