Friday, January 25, 2019

A World Apart (Loving Again Book 1) by Mel Gough


This book is an updated re-release.Ben’s life appears perfect. He has a career to shine in and a beautiful family. But his marriage has broken down, and being a small-town cop is turning into a dead-end job.

Hot-headed troublemaker Donnie is used to being side-eyed by the fuzz. Getting dragged into the station for a crime he didn’t commit is no big surprise – but a cop who gives a damn sure is.

Ben has no clue how much a second encounter with the secretive redneck will shake up his life. Donnie’s sullen vulnerability arouses a passion Ben hasn’t felt for a long time. Soon, nothing matters but helping Donnie fight his demons. Can they carve a new life together out of the ashes?

My Rating - 5 Stars!

A World Apart, is a touching romance by Mel Gough. It's completely relatable and is extremely emotional.

Ben and Donnie will take you on a gut-wrenching emotional ride. They meet as Ben's dealing with separating from his wife.

They have a lot of complications to deal with, including illness, alcoholism, a troubled brother and more.

Their story is superb, with complex characters and a beautiful chance for finding love. Mel Gough has definitely impressed me with this amazing story. Do not miss out A World Apart!

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