Saturday, January 26, 2019

Stepbrother's Secret (Men of Meadowfall #6) by Anna Wineheart


What's worse than losing the love of your life? Answer: Finding out that he's now (1) a single dad and a widower, (2) your business rival, and (3) still very much your stepbrother.

Lonely and estranged from his family, Olivier wishes for love. His music shop is sinking—no thanks to Total Sounds, the new music chain in town. But that's not all: The alpha stepbrother he'd grown up loving? Eric's moving back to Meadowfall with his baby girl, and Ollie's life is officially a mess. 

Eric has two goals: One, to raise his late wife's daughter. Two, to ensure that Total Sounds beats out all its competition, especially that one shop, Olivier's Strings. Except the owner of Olivier's Strings is an omega from his past—someone Eric had been truly, madly, deeply in love with. The very omega who had broken Eric's heart right outside their family home, and, unbeknownst to Eric, is still in love with him.

To escape the grief of his wife's passing, Eric confronts Olivier about their past... except Ollie's in heat.

One simmering encounter turns into another, and that new honey scent of Ollie's... It means Olivier is pregnant. Eric has his suspicions. Ollie insists that the baby isn't Eric's. Could it be...?

Stepbrother's Secret is a 99,000-word standalone non-shifter MPreg romance, with second-chance and hurt/comfort themes, an adorable 9-month-old, and an alpha who falls madly in love with his omega again.

Warning: This book contains references to past domestic/emotional abuse. Full list of warnings available on the Look Inside. If those are your triggers, please take care when reading!

My Rating - 5 Stars!

I love Stepbrother's Secret by Anna Wineheart. It's wonderfully complex, with multi-layered family issues, as well as work issues. 

The two step-brothers have always been attracted to each other, but they knew they couldn't be together. Eric and Ollie can't help but to give into the temptation, but their relationship involves lies and secrets that cause pain, hurt, and grief. 

Their relationship is complicated to say the least. Ollie's already been outcast by his family, but he doesn't want the same for Eric. This part kills me, as Ollie wants more for Eric than he has himself. 

Stepbrother's Secret includes abuse, danger, an accidental pregnancy, and insane family issues. And it's all a ton of fun! I definitely will be checking out the other books in this series.

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