Friday, January 18, 2019

Unsuitable Omega (Billionaire Alphas #1) by Skye R. Richmond, Rheland Richmond


As the first son of a wealthy family, there are expectations. He has to marry the right omega, and have blue-blooded children. Nickolas is prepared to do his duty until an encounter with an omega, so far from his world, changes everything. For the first time, he’s met someone who sees him and not his wealth but can love overcome years of duty and expectations?
What is an omega to do when he is alone in the world? Survive of course. Jaimie leaves his small town for the city and for the first time in his life he gets to be young and free. But, no one has told him the consequences. Now he’s pregnant by a man who thinks he’s only good for one thing. Jay is proved right when he discovers that the alpha intended to save marriage and children for an omega who is more suited to his wealth and status. What is an omega to do when he’s pregnant and alone and not sure he can trust his alpha? But now he has no other choice and only one person he can turn to.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Unsuitable Omega is a fun and entertaining romance by Skye Richmond.

Nick is following the path his family has arranged for him, including getting married to a "suitable" omega. His family is rich and he's expected to marry one of his own status.

But when he meets Jai, he finds himself falling for the poor omega and reevaluating his choices. Of course, Nick never reveals that he's engaged, and is having trouble finding the right time to do so. (Note - there is no cheating. Nick's engagement is to someone he doesn't like.)

The attraction between Nick and Jai is great, and their love is strong. They make a fantastic couple. They come from vastly different worlds, but they are perfect for each other. And the chemistry between the two is sizzling! 

Their story will keep the readers entertained by a shallow fiancée, an intriguing plot, some steamy moments, and more. They will deal with their uncertainties, secrets, and learning to forgive. It's all beautifully developed with an excellent pace.

Unsuitable Omega is my first time reading a Skye Richmond novel, but Rheland Richmond has certainly succeeded in carrying over her fantastic writing style to this pen name. I love this story and found it to be riveting. I can't wait to see what Skye has in store for the next book.

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