Sunday, January 13, 2019

Unraveled (Heathens Ink #5) by K.M. Neuhold


My mind and body are full of chaos; the only time I can truly feel free is when my hands, arms, and legs are secured. Just because I want to be bound, able to give over my pleasure entirely to another person, doesn’t mean I want to be controlled, humiliated, or made to endure pain. I’m a successful, happy, confident adult man who wants a lover to tie him up. Why is that so scandalous? And why is it so difficult to find? It doesn’t help that I’ve developed a hopeless crush on my straight roommate. Maybe a fulfilling relationship isn’t in the cards for me.

I’m completely out of control of my life. My ex is trying to take my daughter away from me... again, my dream of owning my own motorcycle repair shop seems out of reach, and somehow, I find myself a thirty-two-year-old man who can’t afford to have a place without a roommate. So, it’s no huge surprise that the idea of being given complete control over someone’s body and pleasure is a major turn-on. I never had any inkling I might be into guys, until my best friend told me he likes to be tied up. Now I’m losing sleep, imagining him bound and begging for me. I can’t figure out if it’s just the kink or if it’s possible I’m falling for him.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

With Unraveled, the fifth book in the Heathens Ink series,  KM Neuhold has managed to completely wow me with a heartfelt journey of love.

Clay and Max have been roommates but suddenly their relationship is starting to change. Both men are absolutely amazing and they compliment each other so much. I love them together, as they truly are meant to be together.  

Clay's sexual situation is developed in a beautiful manner. He's an anxious guy who needs to be restrained during sex. He struggles to find someone compatible with him, as he needs restraint, but doesn't want pain. It's tough to find someone he can trust.

Max is the perfect guy for Clay, and Clay has long wanted to be with him, but Max has always been straight. 

I love their relationship. They've been living together, with Clay helping to raise Max's daughter. It totally melts my heart the way that Clay is like another dad before they even start getting together. 

There are so many aspects to this story. They have to deal with Max's ex wanting to move away with their daughter. They have to deal with Max's sexual awakening. And they will have to deal with Clay's anxiety and insecurities. They will have to fight to figure out a way to make their relationship last. 

It's a truly tender and sweet friends to lovers romance. Their sex scenes are exquisite, as they already know and love each other as friends, and just want to give the other what they need.

One of my favorite scenes is the emotion Max conveys about the importance of Clay's ropes and how much they mean to him. Swoon. 

As well, all the rope scenes are just spectacular, as they're emotional and sensual. The rope truly serves to create an even stronger connection between  the men. 

Unraveled is completely beautiful and left me so damn happy. KM Neuhold manages to capture a special tale of two men finding the strength and courage to face their fears, resulting in finding love. It's a spectacular story of finding love and holding onto it despite obstacles.

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