Monday, January 7, 2019

The Gift (Love in O'Leary #2) by May Archer



I suck at relationships and don’t trust anyone, but there are reasons for that. For one thing, every person I’ve ever cared about has let me down. The only recent exception: O’Leary’s town new best friend.

I came to O’Leary for a fresh start. To pare things down to essentials. To forget about the failures in my past. The last thing I need is complications, and most definitely

I’ve lived in O’Leary my entire life and learned to fly under the radar a long time ago. I do what’s expected, say what’s expected, and keep to myself as much as possible. It’s a hell of a lot simpler spending my time working with animals than trying to interact with actual people. The one unlikely exception: the gorgeous guy who moved to a cabin just outside of town and somehow became my best friend.

But friendships are complicated, and one morning I find myself accidentally telling the whole town the biggest lie of my life. Which is how Daniel Michaelson, my very straight, very hot best friend becomes my fake boyfriend, even though he’s most definitely

My Rating - 4 Stars!

May Archer's The Gift is the second book in the Love In O'Leary series. It's a wonderful follow-up to The Fall. This book tackles Julian and Daniel's relationship. 

The friendship that forms between Julian and Daniel is enchanting, as it's comforting, supportive, and touching. I found the beginning of the fake boyfriend plot to be fun, amusing, and entertaining. I enjoyed the apologies and the embarrassing confession scene. 

From there, we are treated to an emotional slow burn romance. I found beauty in the reclusive nature of Daniel being slowly lifted by Julien's presence and influence. But, even more intriguing is the secretive nature of Daniel's past. The author manages to create a mysterious character who comes to realize that if he expects openness, he needs to be open himself. I love this aspect of Daniel's growth. 

It's extremely touching the way that Daniel makes Julien feel again. As well, it's a tender the way they can love someone wholly, with all their flaws, bounderies, and anger. I enjoy the sentiment that it's okay to have problems and to not be in a good place and that it's okay to fight. 

The Gift is a fantastic GFY romance, although I did find it a little long at times. It's written in my favorite alternating first person narrative format. Yeah! And the author's writing style is great, with fantastic character development and amazing changes throughout the story.

May Archer is impressing me a lot with this Love In O'Leary series. I'm excited to see what comes next.

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