Sunday, November 18, 2018

All Hearts on Deck by Gianni Holmes


First, it’s a Christmas promise
Then a bonus…
Now their lives are forever changed

My older brother took me off the streets six years ago when I ran away from home. I owe him everything. When he asks me to be the guardian of his twins in the event of his death, I agree. I promise him our manipulative mother will never get her hands on the kids. Now backed into a corner, I’ve no choice but to break my promise. But they're still mine for what's left of the year. So I'll, do everything I can to give them the Christmas my brother would have wanted. I’m broke, but the answer comes in the premium class cruise tickets I receive from my boss for a Christmas bonus. I’ll trade them in for regular tickets and take the kids on a holiday cruise. And I’ll try not to think that I may have done the one thing I promised myself never to do again for those tickets.

Money and men are my two vices. The first is easy to make, the second is always a distraction. I tend to attract men for all the wrong reasons, the latest, the handyman, Bailey, who works around my estate. When I gift him two tickets for a Western Caribbean cruise, I have no intentions of following him, but Bailey breaks our professional relationship when he shows me just how grateful he is. Following him on that cruise, I have every intention of picking up right where we left off, but Bailey comes with extra baggage I’m not sure I can handle. Do I dare pursue his heart on deck when he’s made it clear he’s a package deal?

My Rating - 4 Stars!

All Hearts On Deck is a great boss/employee romance. 

Bailey's raising his niece and nephew, but is close to losing them in a custody battle. When he takes them on a cruise, with tickets given to him by his boss, Arthur, he never expects to find love. 

Arthur's had a crush on Bailey for a while, and was hoping for a romantic cruise with the younger man. As the two men navigate their way through their feelings, they have to deal with wrong assumptions, fears and secrets.

The two men are complete opposites, in age, wealth and responsibilities. Following as they try to come together, and try to figure out if there's even a way to do so, is a fun and entertaining journey. Gianni Holmes did a great job with this book. 

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