Sunday, November 11, 2018

MF - Love Is by SE Harmon


Sometimes what starts out as fake can get all too real.

Things started out innocently enough. Put on the spot by my sister about going on a blind date, I mention I’m already dating someone else. But then she wants to meet him. Better yet, she wants me to bring him to our upcoming family gathering so he can meet everyone. Which would be a fantastic idea if he wasn’t a complete work of fiction.

My best friend, Julian, suggests I bring a fake date, and it sounds like a good plan. What could go wrong? We’ll go home, spend the weekend with my family, and they’ll stop setting me up on blind dates. No one gets hurt and no one has to know. Easy peasy, right?

But then there’s Jackson. And it’s no coincidence that his last name is Sparks.

Maybe one day I’ll learn that listening to Julian is always a recipe for disaster. Someday I’ll remember that he talks faster than he thinks, and any idea out of his mouth is probably a bad one. Until then, let me explain how I got into this mess. My name is Avery Jane, and I’m about to show you what happens when a fake relationship gets all too real.

My Rating - 4 Stars!

Love Is, by SE Harmon, is a fun and riveting fake boyfriend romance.

It has all the classic fake boyfriend issues, as Avery pretends to have a boyfriend, and then is in a jam when she's told to bring the boyfriend home. Enter her best friend's brother, Jackson, and now she has a fake boyfriend. 

Avery and Jackson are so sweet together. I love seeing their romance develop slowly as they get to know each other. And they are so damn hot together.

Avery has a lot of self discovery to do. She has to realize some things about her ex, as well as her family. Avery's fighting her feelings, as her fear is stunting her from accepting real love. She has a lot of issues that stem from the death of her mother. To be with Jackson, she'll need to take a chance, trust her heart,  and risk everything.

Their story is a fun and flirty, with some great sexy moments and some wonderful sweet moments. I'm definitely glad to have read it.

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