Thursday, November 29, 2018

So close by Ella Blake


Two best friends.
One brother.
Two lovers.
A thousand temptations.
Too much guilt.
What would you do if the spring of your deepest desires was just one step away from you, and yet so morally unattainable?
Ramo knows what he wants—or better yet—he knows who he wants, and he is willing to do anything to make things happen.
Ric is split in half: he struggles, he runs away—but never far enough.
Will his heart and mind reach a common ground? Which one will be the first to blink?
‘So close’ is a mix of love, drama and explosive passion.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

The blurb for So Close, by Ella Blake, had me intrigued. And the book was better than I could have ever expected. This is definitely on my all time favorites list!

I love the writing style of this story. In the beginning, we meet Ric and Mattia when they are young. It's immediately riveting and wonderfully developed. I love every damn second of this book, as it follows Ric, Mattia, and his brother Ramo, through the years. 

So Close tells a wonderful story of two boys as they fall in love over the years. The slow burn is amazing and the way their relationship changes over the years is enchanting. I love that they have spent their lives together, always seeking comfort in each other, and always supporting one another. 

As for Mattia and Ramo's family, they are kind, generous, and inspiring. To say that they saved Ric is putting it lightly.

It is heart-breaking, happy, hopeful, and all around perfectly done. I wish I could read a book like this everyday. I wish every story could give me the comfort and love that this one did. 

I can't recommend So Close enough. It's definitely one of those books you want to read while cuddling up on the couch. It is just such a damn feel-good story, that is completely enchanting and romantic. 

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