Sunday, November 11, 2018

Pay It Forward (A Giving Back Story Book 1) by Nic Starr


Forced to leave home as soon as he finished high school, Bailey McCreedy’s focus has been on earning enough money to survive. All he needs is a roof over his head and to keep his small mobile lending library running. Books are Bailey’s escape, and he loves to share the joy of reading with those who don’t have access to them.

Tom Brooks’s upbringing is very different to Bailey’s, with a loving family, a good education, and a high-flying job—that is, until things came crashing down. Tom opens a coffee shop, struggling to build his business and reluctant to accept help, operating under the misguided belief that he must pay penance for his sins. Watching Bailey work with the street kids opens Tom’s eyes to the reality that accepting help is not a sign of weakness, and that he is so much more than his past mistakes.

But as Bailey falls for Tom, with his charming manner, obvious care for others, and group of successful friends, Bailey’s own sense of self-worth threatens to tear them apart. In the face of intensifying challenges, he’s reluctant to confide in Tom, afraid he’s not good enough.

A bright future will require Bailey to heed his own advice—people aren’t defined by their failures or inability to live up to the expectations of others. It’s time for Tom to pay it forward, and Bailey needs to accept the help and love that Tom offers.

My Rating - 4 Stars!

Nic Starr's Pay It Forward is a wonderful and thought-provoking romance. 

Bailey's grown up feeling that it's often him against the world. In his spare time, he's been working with the homeless, helping them, while also trying to find his own direction in life. 

Tom's running his own coffee shop, and refuses to accept help from his friends to fix up the place. Events is his past has left him feeling that he needs to do all the hard work himself.

Both men need to face some issues from their pasts. They both need to give in and accept help from others. Together, they make a great couple and are both able to help the other.

Of course, I adored every mention of Sydney and Australia in general, finding myself giddy with excitement, as I love Sydney.

I love the theme and lessons of this story. One always needs to stop punishing themselves for things in their past. Let others in and move forward. I'm excited to see what Nic Starr comes up with for the other books in this series. 

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