Saturday, November 10, 2018

Rabi and Matthew by LA Witt


A queer retelling of Romeo & Juliet, except no one has to bury their gays.

A decades-old family rivalry is reaching a boiling point as the patriarchs vie for a seat in Congress. Democrat vs Republican, Muslim vs Christian, Hashmi vs Swain — the Midwestern town of Arbor Hills is one spark away from an explosion of violence. So when two men find themselves irresistibly drawn together at a party, only to discover they were born on opposite sides of a bloody battle line, Matthew Swain and Rabi Hashmi know they should leave well enough alone.

The pull between them is magnetic, though, and it's too strong to ignore. Unable to resist, they meet again in secret. Generations of hatred can't temper the passionate love growing between them, but two men falling for each other in the middle of a war zone can't hold back the inevitable clash.

And when decades of political, religious, and personal strife finally come to a head, there will be blood.

My Rating - 4 Stars!

LA Witt's Rabi and Matthew is a fresh, interesting twist on Romeo and Juliet.

Rabi and Matthew are never supposed to be together. Their families are enemies, and have been for generations. But these two boys don't care about the rivalry. The moment they meet at a party, the pull is magnetic. They actually can see past the family issues, like each other, and want to date.

They are faced with a whole lot of bigotry, racism, and hatred. Both know they need to hide and keep their feelings secret. Of course, secrets always have a way of coming out. 

Part of it's charm is how relevant this story is today. I can easily see this story playing out in real life. 

This story is emotionally charged, taking me on an emotional journey. Some parts were gut wrenching to read. I will admit to crying some. 

Rabi and Matthew is well worth the journey! I definitely recommend it.

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